Online Etiquette

At IU Southeast, we believe proper behavior is just as important Online as it is in person. Here are a few guidelines to help you communicate more effectively in your online class(es):

  1. Always treat your instructors and peers with respect and courtesy. Even though you are not meeting face-to-face, you are still dealing with other people.
  2. Do not cheat, plagiarize, or infringe upon copyrights. You are accountable for what you say and do online and in cyberspace, laws and ethics still apply!
  3. Do not use profanity or post messages with the intent of harming, hurting, or inciting others. Please keep in mind that while your course may be online, you are still part of a classroom.
  4. Keep your messages brief, to the point, and avoid repetition. Time is a valuable commodity for everyone.
  5. Write right - know your subject and think before you type anything. You should always proofread, edit, and use spell check before you click Send or Submit!
  6. Avoid using acronyms (IMO) and emoticons ( :) ). Your online postings, no matter the length, are official course communications and should be treated as such. If you wouldn’t write it on a test or in a paper, don’t post it online.
  7. Protect your privacy. Do not e-mail or post any information you do not want others to know.
  8. Don’t suffer in silence! If you need help or have questions about your course work, ask your instructor.
  9. Increase the knowledge of the IU Southeast online community and share what you know. Everyone is here to learn. Speak up!

Remember: Never wait until the last minute to complete an assignment - a technical problem on your end will never gain you extra time to complete an assignment.

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