Online Readiness Survey

Section I: Technical Comfort Level

How comfortable are you with computer technology?

Have you taken an online course?

When I'm reading,

"Talking" to others online, sharing information

Do you have access to a computer?

Your professor has asked you to use a new technology for an assignment. What would you do?

Section II: Student Self-Assessment

Which of the following best describes your ability to handle distractions while studying?

I would classify myself as someone who:

As a reader, I would classify myself as:

When I need help understanding the subject:

Can you meet deadlines without needing frequent prodding?

Which of the following best describes your time management skills?

How good are you at following directions on assignments?


Survey Scale

21-26: You are ideal for the online environment, having both the skills and the interest to succeed.

13-20: Your skills and interests make it likely that you could succeed in an online course. However, you may need to review Canvas Guides or spend a little extra time familiarizing yourself with the course.

1-12: Online classes are not a perfect match for your current interest and skills. If you are committed to taking an online class, consider working with a friend or improving your skills or reviewing Canvas Guides online.

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