Open House

Welcome to our open house, future Grenadier!

We know things aren’t exactly “normal” right now, but we want to make learning about and applying to IU Southeast as easy and informative as possible. That’s why we’ve created a “virtual” open house.

IU Southeast is here to make sure that every student receives all the information and resources every incoming Grenadier is entitled to!

Although we’re not face-to-face, we’ve compiled the resources below to mimic an actual open house. You’ll learn about campus life, student resources, housing, and much more. Just scroll down to begin exploring the resources below. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Office of Admissions.

Thank you for your interest in IU Southeast. We’re glad you’re here and that you are considering us for your college choice!

Why IU Southeast? Well, there are plenty of reasons. Listen as Chris Crews, our Director of Recruitment and Admission, presents some examples.

Description of the video:

Hi I'm Chris Crews, Director of Admission at IU Southeast. We're happy that you're here and we're happy that you're considering Indiana University Southeast as your college choice.

Before we begin I'd like to make you aware of an update to our admission standards. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic causing the postponement of SAT and ACT testing, we are waiving these test scores from our admission requirements for summer and fall 2020 enrollment.

In this video we'll begin with some general information about IU Southeast and why we're a great choice. From there we'll cover all the resources available to students to ensure their success. Then we'll discuss all the different ways that you can get involved on campus and will conclude with how to start the application process. During this video I'll provide you with several web addresses you can find all those URLs below this video. Let's get started.

IU Southeast offers the most affordable 4-year degree in the region. Our banded tuition means that you pay the same tuition for 12 to 18 credit hours, which gives you the flexibility to add a minor or a second major. The IU Southeast campus has been ranked second safest campus in Indiana, seventh safest in the U.S. The campus is policed by IUPD and has the same authority as any other police force. They maintain a presence 24/7. We offer in-state tuition for seven counties in Kentucky; Jefferson, Bullitt, Oldham, Shelby, Spencer, Meade, and Trimble counties. Although keys money is only applicable to Kentucky schools we are more affordable without keys money than most Kentucky schools are with keys money.

You'll graduate with a prestigious IU degree. It doesn't matter what I you campus you attend you are an IU student no matter what. Your diploma won't say New Albany, regional, or Southeast. It will say Indiana University because you are a student of Indiana University. If you haven't already, we encourage you to explore any of these resources for program and campus information. If you'd like general information about a program or campus activity emailed to you, first try our custom view book at Follow the prompts and customized information will be emailed directly to you. If you're interested in more specific information, there's a lot of really useful information on our website, To find a full list of programs, click the academics tab. After selecting your program, you'll be able to see the different types of degrees and concentrations.

For a virtual tour of the campus, go to then scroll down to and click the button that says, "take a virtual walking tour". Can't find what you're looking for? No problem, you can start a live chat with an admissions counselor by clicking on the "Talk To Us!" chat box on our website and IU Southeast. We want you to know that we always have your back.

To help ensure your success, we offer several academic and student support services and resources. Our academic support services include academic advising, an IU-supported library, a Writing Center, mathematics, science, and language labs, along with free tutoring an adult student center and study abroad programs. Our student support services include a Mentoring Program, Counseling Services, Disability Services, our Career Development Center, and student central, your one-stop-shop for financial aid, bursar and registrar needs. You can do everything, from registering for classes, paying your tuition bill and getting questions answered about financial aid. ACES, which stands for Advising Center for Exploratory Students, is where students with undecided majors are directed. ACES help students with an undecided major decide which major to pursue. They also help students who would like to change their major, but need help deciding what to study. ACES also helps students who aren't sure how the major they are considering prepares them for future employment. Don't feel pressured to choose a major before applying. If you don't know what to do or what to study ACES advisers have you covered.

Just because IU Southeast is a small campus that doesn't mean we're small on campus experiences. We have over 100 clubs and organizations available for students. Our Greek life includes eight fraternities and sororities. Our Greek organizations are very focused on community service. Yearly they host several events and fundraisers for good causes and local nonprofits. We also offer academic groups like women in computing, the marketing club, and hobby groups like the gamers society and bass-fishing. If you can't find the organization you're looking for, start your own. All you need are four other friends interested in joining and a staff or faculty member to sponsor it. Then the office of campus life will assist you with establishing your very own club.

IU Southeast athletics bost seven NAIA Division teams including men's basketball, tennis, and baseball and women's basketball, tennis, softball, and volleyball. We also have cheerleading and pep band for those who would like to cheer on the Grenadiers. For those who just want to have fun, we have several intramural sports including flag football, basketball, wiffle ball, sand volleyball, and more.

At IU Southeast we offer on-campus housing with all the comforts of home. Our apartment style residence halls include dorms that are fully furnished with fully equipped kitchens. They also include internet, cable, free laundry, and computer and study rooms. You must be an admitted student before you can apply for housing. To get a closer look take a virtual tour of our residence halls. Go to youtube and search for IU Southeast housing.

In the 2017-2018 academic year IU Southeast awarded eighteen point five million dollars in gift aid. In the same year nearly two thousand eight hundred students were awarded approximately eleven million dollars in scholarship funds. Here's some quick facts about financial aid and scholarships. The general scholarship application allows you to apply for over two hundred different scholarships. It opens October 1st of every year. You just need to fill out one application and you're submitted for all available scholarships covered by the general scholarship application. FAFSA opens October 1st every year and our school code is zero zero one eight one seven. Before applying for scholarships you must be an admitted student. Check out our website to review the eligibility requirements and deadlines for the automatic scholarships for incoming freshmen. Although tuition and fees are covered for 21st century scholars, if you're a twenty-first century scholar you can still apply for scholarships to cover things like housing, meal plans, books, and a laptop.

Are you ready to begin your application? First go to You'll see that several different student types are listed in the left side navigation, as well as when you scroll down the page. Incoming freshmen are those of you who are graduating or have graduated from high school and are ready to begin your college career. Please keep in mind that you can have transfer credits and still be considered an incoming freshman. This is the case for students who would like to transfer dual credit high school classes to IU Southeast. For example even if you're in sophomore standing because of the amount of credits you've completed in high school, you would still be considered a freshman Transfer students have at least 12 credit hours from another college or university who would like to transfer their credits to an IU Southeast program. Returning adult students are students who'd like to either start or finish a bachelor's degree however they do not have the minimum 12 hours needed to be considered a transfer student. The application process is broken down into steps. You'll find the admission requirements listed on your relevant student type page. We're also showing them here. As you'll see admission standards and requirements for incoming freshmen, transfer students, and returning adult students, are similar but there are some slight differences.

As mentioned earlier due to the Coronavirus pandemic canceling many spring SAT and ACT tests. We are not requiring these test scores for summer and fall 2020 enrollment. In addition starting with fall 2021 applications ACT and SAT scores will be optional however we still encourage students to take the SAT or ACT so they don't miss out on possible scholarship opportunities. To begin the application process click step one. For freshmen, you'll find a video detailing how to apply on this page. After watching the video, click apply online to begin your application. Transfer students can simply click apply online, returning adult students will also be directed to the application. If you have any questions, please note the contact information on your screen. If you're unsure if your questions should be directed to student central or to housing, feel free to contact the Office of Admissions and we'll direct you to the correct person. Academic advisors are available by appointment and you must be admitted to IU Southeast before you can schedule an appointment. However, prior to being admitted the Office of Admissions is happy to provide unofficial transcript evaluations. You can find all the links mentioned in this video listed below.

Thank you for considering Indiana University Southeast. Apply today at Your brighter future begins here.

Helping you achieve your brighter future!

Get to know IU Southeast and all it has to offer through these helpful videos. Hear from several campus departments as they highlight what makes IU Southeast such a great choice. Then, watch as our academic community detail what their respective schools have to offer new students.

The Office of Campus Life is home to several student support offices that aim to transform your college experience.

Description of the video:

Hi, I'm Seth Chaleunphonh, Dean of Student Life. College is a time to dream of and prepare for your future. Being engaged in Campus Life activities allow students to develop skills and make the most of their college experience beyond graduation. At IU Southeast, it's all about getting involved, networking, and growing as an individual. The Office of Campus Life is home to several student support areas that aim to transform your college experience. Our mission is to partner with students, faculty, and staff to foster and support student engagement opportunities for co-curricular learning, student involvement, leadership development, and creative expression. Connect with others through one of our 100-plus social clubs. These organizations include academic and professional clubs, fraternity and sorority life, political, cultural and religious groups, intramural sports, and special-interest clubs. Attend student events to meet others or get involved by volunteering your time. Start with what you enjoy or explore something you are curious about. This is a time to grow to, express yourself, to find others who share your passions, and to form meaningful relationships. Once you start getting involved you'll get to develop leadership skills and learn what it means to serve others through leadership roles. Start by finding role models and mentors and end by becoming a role model or mentor yourself. There's something for you, no matter your age, where you call home, or your background. Throughout my years in higher education, I have come to learn that campus life is where the students are. Whether on campus or in our communities, you bring diversity and uniqueness to make each year at IU Southeast special and memorable. Through alumni who have graduated, I've heard it echoed every year: "Getting involved was worth it." "I'm glad I made the time." "I'm glad I tried something new." or, "I'm happy I met great people in the process." Making a difference is on the minds of many students at IU Southeast. We've seen big things come from our students' big dreams. The same can happen for you. We are so excited to see what we'll do together this year! So get excited and get involved!

Living on campus is one of the best ways to meet new people, find new interests, and really get immersed in this awesome college experience.

Description of the video:

Hi my name is Lizzy Southard. I'm one of the Residence Life coordinators here in the Office of Residence Life and housing at IU Southeast. IU Southeast's goal is to give you the tools to learn, grow, and thrive in every aspect of the Grenadier experience - and housing is no exception. Our five lodges and four apartment styles offer a unique on-campus experience from your first year with us to your last. Did you know that students who live on campus have higher GPAs and are more likely to graduate on time? Not only does every Lodge come equipped with a study room and computer lab, but you'll never live more than a five-minute walk from our stunning library. Prefer your own space? Every room option offers apartment amenities including a full kitchen, bathroom, and living room - not to mention, free laundry just down the hall. Stay in and enjoy your home-away-from- home, or explore beyond campus and experience what southern Indiana and the Louisville area has to offer. One of the best pieces of advice you will hear from other students is, "get involved!" Living on campus is one of the best ways to meet new people, find new interests, and really get immersed in this awesome college experience. The friends you keep forever and the memories you won't forget - all start here. If you want to live where you'll learn and love where you live check us out at and apply today.

We have created an excellent program that allows you to have fun and allows time for you to take care of everything you want to take care of.

Description of the video:

Hi, I'm Cayla Mauer, New Student Programs and Leadership Coordinator. We are so excited to welcome you to the IU Southeast campus next summer! The New Student Programs staff will show you around campus, introduce you to our wonderful resources we have to offer, and help you get excited to become a Grenadier! We have an in-person orientation as well as an online orientation for students who have a busy schedule. In-person orientations will allow you to meet fellow students in your academic school, tour campus, and register for your classes. It's an eventful day full of opportunities to get to know other students and campus resources. It's also a great day to meet faculty and staff that you will work with for the rest of your time at IU Southeast. We have created an excellent program that allows you to have fun and allows time for you to take care of everything you want to take care of. Want to visit the bookstore to get some new IU Southeast gear? You will have time for that. Want to talk with someone about your financial aid package? You will have time for that. Want to roam around campus to see where some of your classes will be? You will have time for that. For more information on our orientations and new student programs go to We can't wait to welcome you onto the IU Southeast campus and into the Grenadier family! See you soon!

Student Central is a one-stop shop where students can take care of student business.

Description of the video:

Hello my name is Jerry Crawford and I am the student central manager here at IU Southeast students central is a one stop shop where students can take care of student business our office takes pride in our ability to help students throughout their entire academic career student central can answer your questions about financial aid billing payments registration and records many prospective students worry about how they'll pay for college not only are we the most affordable 4-year degree in their region but we can help you finance your future I use southeast awarded over 18 million dollars in gift Dave last year and over 70% of degree-seeking undergrads received aid here's a quick checklist that you can use when seeking financial aid first fill out your FAFSA at which opens October 1st every year next after you've applied to IU Southeast complete the IU Southeast general scholarship application this application also opens October 1st each year this application puts our students in they're running for over 75 scholarships just search scholarships from your one I you account to get started last but not least talk to your high school guidance counselors and local business and community leaders ask them if they know of any scholarship opportunities also ask your employer or your parents employer if they have a tuition program all of these funding opportunities can help you pay for your tuition you can estimate your tuition charges with our tuition and fee estimator on the student central website now that you have a few financial aid tips let me reiterate that we take pride in helping our students we will support you every step of the way if you have any questions or would like some additional information please do not hesitate to reach out student central is here to help thank you for taking the time to learn more about us here at IU Southeast you can find more online at us edu / student - central I want to say thanks again and I look forward to giving you a big welcome when you become a Grenadier

We provide you with the resources you need for succeeding on campus.

Description of the video:

Welcome to IU Southeast. I'm Ryan Norwood, director of the Student Success Center. We provide you with the resources you need for succeeding on campus. One of our services is placement testing, which is where many of you will first meet us. We provide placement tests for math, writing, and foreign languages. Our test Center also provides exams for credit along with several licensure exams, which you may need later, depending on your major. We also offer free peer tutoring for most 100- and 200- level courses. It's an easy process. Simply fill out our online request form, and our office will respond to you and match you with a qualified tutor. After you've excelled in your own coursework, please come see us about working as a tutor. Additionally, we offer supplemental instruction and several courses provided by trained peer leaders, who have been recommended by their professors. This is an informal, free facilitated study for the entire semester. Historically, students who participate earn a half to a full letter grade better in the course. Our center is located in University Center South room 203, two floors up from the bookstore. As a proud first-generation alumnus of IU Southeast, I'm excited you chose this great University. IU Southeast continues to guide my personal values and has instilled a passion for lifelong learning. Thank you for letting us learn and grow with you. I can't wait to see you walk across the stage in your own cap and gown!

Did you know that, on average, college graduates make over 1 million dollars more over a lifetime than non-college graduates?

Description of the video:

Hello, my name is Donna Reed. I'm the Director of the Career Development Center at Indiana University Southeast. Did you know that, on average, college graduates make over a million dollars more over a lifetime than non-college graduates? That's definitely a compelling statistic to get your college degree, and we want to ensure that every one of our graduates are set up for success. With our reputation for leadership in the region and a prestigious Indiana University degree, choosing iu southeast will prepare you to join a legacy of greatness in the workforce. As I mentioned, the Career Development Center is here to help you succeed in your chosen career. At IU Southeast we practice a holistic approach to career development. This includes working career skills into coursework as well as focusing from day one on how to develop you as a professional. These skills include resume help, interview preparation, salary negotiation advice, networking assistance, social media advice, job search tips, and so much more. And for those of you who haven't yet decided what major or what career you'd like to follow, don't worry. IU Southeast's Advising Center for Exploratory Students, also called ACES helps guide undecided or exploratory, students. Through self-discovery, research, and advising, ACES helps exploratory students find their major. Our career development services don't stop at graduation. Once you are in the IU Southeast family, you are here for life, and so are our career services. We look forward to helping you find your passion and craft your path to a brighter future.

We directly serve about 10 percent of undergraduates at IU Southeast. If you are a student with a disability and you think you are alone, you are not. I promise.

Description of the video:

Hello there future Grenadiers! Thank you for checking us out! I'm Matt Springer, and I am proud to be the coordinator for the Office of Disability Services here at IU Southeast. We directly serve about 10 percent of undergraduates here at IU Southeast. so if you're a student with a disability and you think you are alone. You are not. I promise. We have students on our campus with all types of disabilities, most of them hidden or invisible. You can't see dyslexia, or diabetes, or AIDS, or depression, but nonetheless they are very much real and can cause some barriers in college. You might have heard that college is harder than high school. Well, it's my experience that this is not true. It's not that college is harder than high school, it's that it's different. And navigating that difference can be hard. This is especially true for students with disabilities. Some of you may have had a 504 plan in high school, or an IEP. Some of you may have been enrolled in special education. Those don't exist in college. We do accommodate students with disabilities of course, but it's different than what you may be used to. Our goal is to provide equal access to our programs and classes to all students. Success will be up to you. So, if I'm right, college isn't harder just different - then let us help you navigate that difference. If you feel you will need accommodations at IU Southeast, we encourage you to register with us. Guidelines for what is needed are available on our website. Although documentation of your disability is required, please know we will help you out if your documentation is out-of-date or incomplete. After reviewing your needs we will work with you to create an accommodation plan. We might even talk about technological solutions too, like the software program Read and Write Gold, which is available for free to all IU Southeast students. Thank you for watching! We had ODS look forward to helping you out during your IU Southeast career. We welcome your questions! Feel free to contact us by email or phone. We look forward to having you as part of the Grenadier family!

Our academic community welcomes you

Jim Hesselman, M.F.A., Dean, School of Arts and Letters

Description of the video:

Hello. My name is Jim Hesselman. I am the Dean of the School of Arts & Letters at Indiana University Southeast. The term “Letters” may be more familiar to some of you as “Humanities” - the study of human society and culture. Our school is home to eight unique programs: Communication, Modern Languages, English, Philosophy, Fine Art, Music, Theatre, and Interdisciplinary Studies. And each of these programs is made up of several disciplines. For instance, Fine Art consists of Drawing, Painting, Graphic Design, Digital Art & Photography, Ceramics, and Printmaking. Modern Languages includes Spanish, French, and German, with courses in Japanese and East Asian Culture. Our music program teaches Performance, Composition, Music Business & Technology and Music Education. In total, Arts & Letters hosts over twenty-five concentrations within our Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science Degrees. We also belong to Indiana University’s regional campus collaborative, offering a Master of Arts in English along with several graduate certificates. And, we continue to expand every single semester. We refer to Arts & Letters degrees as “Degrees of Flexibility,” not only because of the wide variety of subject matter, but because our degrees may easily be combined with minors and certificates both within our school and with subject matter across the IU Southeast campus. Our degrees and our classes prepare you for your future - as a writer, performer, technician, teacher, designer, and so many other careers. But most importantly a leader in whatever field you may choose. I know from personal experience that the time and money spent choosing a university and a major can be overwhelming. My own undergrad degree is in Speech & Communication. And yes, my parents asked me what I was going to do with it. Well, almost 40 years later it has given me a life as an Actor, Writer, Director, Producer, Educator, and for the past several years, Dean of this incredible school filled with passionate and talented faculty, staff, and students. But please, don’t just take my word for it. Check us out on our school website. And thank you for considering Indiana University Southeast.

Jared Law-Penrose, Ph.D., Professor of Management, School of Business

Description of the video:

Hi! My name is Dr. Jared Law-Penrose. Most students call me Dr. LP or just JLP. I’m a professor of management in the school of business as IU Southeast. First off, Wow! The next few years are really going to transform your life! I remember how intimidating the word “College” sounded to me when I was a junior and senior in high school. But, if you are thinking about college in general and IU Southeast specifically, I promise that you are on the right track! Coming to IU Southeast means that you get to interact with professors one-on-one. I can tell you that all of my students have my cell phone number. Now, not every professor does this, but you can expect to find a place that faculty will care not only about your grades but about you as an individual. Rather than being a statistic at a large university, at IU Southeast you build real relationships that last beyond the classroom. As faculty we make your college experience as engaging as possible. In fact, our classes often work with some of the best businesses in the Southern Indiana and Louisville metro region like: The Louisville Bats, Caesar’s Casino, Holiday World, Samtec, Brown-Forman (they make bourbon…lots of bourbon!!). At IU Southeast you get a chance to really make a difference. In the School of Business our students have done some amazing things! Each semester I get to supervise student internships at a variety of places. Oh yeah, plus, we have some amazing study abroad opportunities and trips – think about a 3-week course to study business in Australia or New Zealand, or learning about the business of theme parks in Orlando Florida during winter break, or how about studying cruise operations while you are living ON A CRUISE SHIP for a week. Seriously, from marketing to management to operation, finance, HR, or economics the school of business at IU Southeast is a great place to discover your purpose and make a difference in the world! I am glad you are thinking about the kind of college experience you want to have and thanks for thinking about how we might fit into that. If you have questions please feel free to reach out – me or any of the other faculty would be happy to chat about what college at IU Southeast could look like for you!

Faye Camahalan, Ph.D., Dean, School of Education

Description of the video:

Hello, I’m Faye Camahalan, Dean of the School of Education. We are a school that has a long tradition of advocating, helping, and caring for all learners. Education, as a field of study, offers a powerful tool for change, improvement, and growth in each of us. We invite you to become educators who encourage dialogue and collaboration; who are engaged in the community; and who pursue what is right and just for all learners. The School of Education has over 650 students and approximately 50 resident faculty, adjunct faculty, and staff providing quality educational programs for students seeking licensure as teachers, counselors, and school administrators. Our school offers undergraduate and graduate degrees with concentrations both in pedagogy and content areas. In addition, we offer programs for teacher license renewal, additional teaching licenses, and alternative teacher certifications. And lastly, we also offer professional development for elementary and secondary teachers, special education teachers, teachers of English language learners, school counselors, and school administrators. Some other highlights for studying Education at IU Southeast include “field experiences in K-12 schools.” You will be engaged in K-12 schools for field experiences early in the program and in the co-teaching model for your practicum or student teaching. “Great classes” are another highlight of our programs. We teach content and pedagogy to prepare you well for your teacher certification. Sample classes are Teaching in Pluralistic Society, Educational Psychology, Teaching Methods for All Content Areas, Classroom Assessment, Special Education, Bilingual Education, and Integrating Technology into Teaching. We also provide career-oriented learning opportunities. We can set you up with hands-on teaching experiences before you graduate and help you design teaching or lesson plans to get you ready for your teaching or teaching-related career. Another highlight is job security in the most flexible way. Education students often choose teaching positions in K-12 schools, as well as teaching-related careers in local, state or federal government, in non-profit organizations, or in business. You have a place here in the School of Education. Join us to fulfill your professional career goal in Education. If you have questions about our programs, ideas to share and discuss with us, or would like to partner with us, please call or email us using the information on your screen. Thank you for considering IU Southeast.

Elaine Haub, Ph.D., Dean, School of Natural Sciences

Description of the video:

Hello. My name is Elaine Haub. I am the Dean of the School of Natural Sciences at Indiana University Southeast. Our courses prepare graduates for today’s science, computing, and mathematics job market, plus they change your life for the better! As a shy, local high school student in the 80’s, I came to IU Southeast thinking about majoring in clinical lab science. Four year later, I graduated with a chemistry degree and was admitted to chemistry graduate school. Six years later, I returned to the School of Natural Sciences at IU Southeast as a new assistant professor in chemistry. Not at all what I had planned, but a perfect career for me. Twenty-seven years later, I am now the leader of Natural Sciences. Quite the transformation of the shy girl from southern Indiana. Natural Sciences is home to many quality programs in Allied Health, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Sciences, Geosciences, Informatics, Mathematics, Physics, and interdisciplinary Sustainability & Regeneration. Additionally, we offer 100% online regional, collaborative degrees in Data Science, Informatics, and Sustainability. The School also offers online graduate certificates for educators in Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics. The smaller size of IU Southeast opens up many opportunities for hands-on learning for our students. Examples include working as a laboratory course assistant, a tutor in our Computer Science, Math, or Science Labs, and working with faculty one-on-one on real research projects. Many of our students have presented at research conferences or have been a co-author on papers published in research journals prior to graduating. Students also get opportunities to participate in local, regional, or international field trips where they apply their skills in the field. Natural Sciences has special relationships with Bellarmine University, Sullivan University of Pharmacy, and IU Medical School. Students wishing to major in Clinical Lab Science can start their courses with us and finish the degree at Bellarmine. The student will then graduate with an IU degree. Students interested in pharmacy, can start at IU Southeast, finish at Sullivan, and graduate with an IU Bachelor degree and a Sullivan Pharmacy Doctorate of Pharmacy in as few as five years. High School seniors planning on majoring in pre-med can apply for the Bachelors/Medical Degree scholarship. Students awarded receive a four-year scholarship at IU Southeast and a provisional seat at IU School of Medicine Thank you for considering IU Southeast. You can learn more about Natural Sciences by visiting our website. Where will the IU Southeast Natural Sciences take you?

Donna Bowles, Ed.D., Dean, School of Nursing

Description of the video:

Hello, my name is Dr. Donna Bowles and I serve as the Dean for the IU Southeast School of Nursing. We offer a traditional four-year program to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, as well as online and on-campus approaches for RNs with an Associate Degree to earn a BSN. Nursing is both an art and a science — and in this field, one cannot exist without the other. Nursing courses are deeply rooted in theory, ongoing research and evidence. We use evidence to improve quality and to improve nursing practice. Our curriculum requires nursing students to pass science courses, including anatomy, chemistry, microbiology and physiology, as well as behavioral sciences, such as psychology and/or sociology. Understanding the sciences is central to the nursing field. Beyond the hard sciences, nurses must also be proficient in the technology used throughout healthcare facilities. IU Southeast offers an impressive simulation program for our students that we consider a point of pride based on state-of the-art technology. Critical care, maternity, pediatric, and adult mental health scenarios allow students realistic experiences to provide evidence-based care in a controlled, safe environment. The art of nursing incorporates the qualities of care, compassion, and communication. Although difficult to teach and measure, another point of pride for our school of nursing is the vast number of opportunities we afford students to fine-tune and apply these skills. We have contracts with over 30 agencies in southern Indiana and greater Louisville. Students work with individuals, families and groups from birth to the end-of life to promote and restore both physical and mental health. All practicums include a faculty member on site. Our graduates consistently express appreciation for working with a wide array of culturally diverse clients while completing their degree. A few examples include visiting an Amish school for health screening, a Native American reservation to provide health teaching, programs designed to assist veterans, immigrants and the homeless. Thank you for learning a bit about the IU Southeast School of Nursing. For further information, email us at the address on your screen, and we will contact you soon.

Greg Kordsmeier, Ph.D., Dean, School of Social Sciences

Description of the video:

Hi. My name is Greg Kordsmeier, and I’m the Dean of the School of Social Sciences here at Indiana University Southeast. In the social sciences, we focus on people – as individuals, in interaction, and in social institutions – both past and present. Our school is home to eight undergraduate programs. These include Criminal Justice, History, International Studies, Neuroscience, Journalism and Media, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology, along with many different minors. And you don’t have to stop there – we offer three Masters Degrees in Criminal Justice, Mental Health Counseling, and Interdisciplinary Studies, plus many Graduate Certificates as well. The School of Social Sciences is committed to excellence in teaching. Our faculty are at the cutting edge of teaching techniques, including simulations like Reacting to the Past and Model UN. We offer online, face-to-face, and hybrid courses to meet students’ needs. All of our majors are designed to give students the time they need with faculty. Methods and research courses have at most 18 students, while other classes are capped at 35. The School of Social Sciences also recognizes that learning does not stop at the classroom door. The nature of our students is to be interested in service and community engagement. Working together, our students, staff, and faculty have helped staff an emergency homeless shelter, run an annual charity drive, offer service-learning courses, and participate in a civic engagement series. Every major here has an affiliated student organization and faculty that help acquaint students with where their major will take them – with panels and workshops on graduate school and jobs. These groups also offer opportunities to socialize and have fun. We are not just focused on excellence in education, but also are committed to preparing you for life beyond college. Many students participate in research or internships to give them valuable real-world experience. Plus, every major has a careers course to help students learn about and prepare for successful careers. One thing that connects all of our disciplines here in the School of Social Sciences is a deep understanding that people are at the core of any institution. The faculty, staff, students, and alumni of the School of Social Sciences are its heart. We hope you will become a part of that group. Thank you for taking some time to learn about our school. You can find out more on our website. And thank you for considering Indiana University Southeast.

Your brighter future begins here