Departmental, Event, and Arranged Parking Requests

Departments planning events that will require public parking should submit the Departmental, Event and Arranged Parking request form to Parking Operations at least two weeks in advance for consideration.

IU Southeast charges a parking fee for events according to the guidelines listed below. The parking fee is $2.00 per vehicle.

To be considered for free parking and/or the waiving of enforcement, the event must be planned and hosted by a university sponsor. Free parking will not be considered for events that charge admission or attendance fees. These fees can be charged through Conference & Catering for each participant.

  • You are a university sponsor if you are a department, a program, or a registered student club and are directly involved with the planning and execution of the event, and have a University representative (faculty/staff/club member) attend the event. The event will be considered part of the overall educational mission of the university and no rental fees or service charges will be applied (see information regarding events with registration fees below).
  • You are not a university sponsor if any of the above criteria are not met. A community business or organization that wishes to meet on campus must contact Conference & Catering to discuss availability and rental fees.
  • If a registration fee is charged to attend an event, then parking fees apply. There is no reduction for hourly or partial-day parking. The charge will be coordinated through Conference & Catering as part of the event planning. Parking fees will be billed to either the host department or to the outside group hosting the meeting.

Parking Operations may ask for a second approval from the requestor’s supervisor if the event’s relationship to the university is unclear.

Individuals that are donating their time, talent or resources to make the event possible for our campus may be considered for a free parking permit for that day.

The Chancellor reserves the right to decline an event if it is deemed not to be representative of the university. It will be at the discretion of Parking Operations to issue permits, waive parking for specific lots or deny any request.

Guests can purchase a temporary parking permit from one of the four parking permit kiosks and park on campus in spaces marked “Student Parking”. A vehicle displaying a temporary permit may park in a handicapped space with a state issued disability plate or placard.

For events less than 8 hours

The event organizer can pay a $50.00 per hour rate (a two hour minimum applies). Parking will be suspended in up to two parking lots for the duration of the event. A half hour grace period is given prior to and after the event.

For events 8 hours to 24 hours

The event coordinator can pay a flat fee of $400.00. This will allow for suspension of parking enforcement in up to two parking lots. A grace period of one hour prior to and after the event will be given.