IU Southeast has a unique opportunity to assist students who are struggling financially, due to unforeseen circumstances. With the assistance of the Office of Financial Aid and Personal Counseling, students who have an emergency financial need may be eligible for the Emergency Grant Funding. As a grant, you will not be expected to repay this amount. Funding is limited to $300, per student and based on individual need. Please review the following information carefully to see if you are eligible.

Students who are in need of Emergency Grant Funding will be required to complete the application and a review process. You can complete the form to the right or schedule an appointment with our office to discuss your needs. You may be contacted by phone or email and asked to schedule an appointment based on your needs. Depending on your need, we may be able to locate additional resources for you, in your area.

If the student has a balance on their account, they will not be eligible for this Emergency Grant until their Bursar bill is paid in full. Please speak with the Office of Financial Aid to determine if you have any other Aid available. If the student has a balance but is in a crisis situation, they should complete the application and the review committee will discuss the individual situation and options available to the student.

Please note that funding cannot exceed your cost of attendance. Students who are approved for Emergency Grant Funding will only be able to receive funding one time.

You can contact Personal Counseling at (812) 941-2244 or Karen Richie at or (812) 941-2060 for additional information or support.