“A Healthy Place to Learn, Work, and Live”

The professional staff at IU Southeast work together to manage the University in such a way that the statement remains authentic for all of us. Working as a unit has proven beneficial to all professional staff on the management team because we are able to invest ourselves in our jobs, support each other in a professional way, and uphold our mission to support the Core Values: Integrity, Nurturing Environment, Connectedness, and Holistic Learning.

Directors, supervisors, managers, counselors, and coaches from Academic Affairs, Administrative Affairs, Student Affairs, IT, and Executive Management make up the nearly 100 professional staff.

The Professional Staff Council was created in 2010 to provide a centralized support system for the constituents within this designation. The Council is an elected body with representatives from Academic Affairs (2); Administrative Affairs (2); Student Affairs (2); IT and Executive Management (2); president; vice-president; secretary/treasurer – totaling 11 members.

This website exists to provide access to not only information about professional staff and the Professional Staff Council at IU Southeast but also is intended to give a voice to all of us to discuss any issues or concerns we have regarding our employment and participation in the University community.