The Project AHEAD® program and curriculum provide great opportunities for students to explore new ideas, strengthen current interests or skills and just interact with other kids who love learning. Project AHEAD® is an enrichment camp for students in grades 2-10 proudly offered by Indiana University Southeast and the School of Education.

Many millennials are discovering that they lack basic life skills. To combat this lack of real-world life skills, Project AHEAD will offer a series of "Path to Adulting" classes. Topics of the courses will include finances, cooking, job hunting, time management and more. Help your child be prepared for life.

Please explore this site, especially the listing of course offerings for the coming term which should be posted in late February.

Feel free to contact us at or (812) 941-2385.

Project Ahead® Schedule

Project Ahead® Fall and Spring sessions will be held in K-12 schools who are willing to partner with the School of Education.

Summer session be held on the IU Southeast campus.

Contact Information

IU Southeast School of Education
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Room 20
New Albany, IN 47150

Phone: (812) 941-2385
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Office Hours

Monday - Thursday
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