Frequently Asked Questions

General Information and Questions

I have questions. How do I contact Project AHEAD?

Please check the FAQ section or other areas to see if your question has been addressed. If not, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our email is or phone (812) 941-2168.

What is the purpose of Project AHEAD?

Project AHEAD® is an enrichment camp for area students in grades 2 - 9. We do not award grades for the completion of Project AHEAD®. Neither do we supply recommendations to schools as a result of attending Project AHEAD®.

When is Project AHEAD offered?

Project AHEAD® is offered three times a year; summer, fall and winter. Registration information for each session is available on the Project AHEAD web site at least 30 days prior to the close of the registration.

Where do classes meet?

Classes for Project AHEAD® meet on the IU Southeast campus, 4201 Grant Line Road, New Albany, IN 47150. Room and building assignments will vary according to the course needs and semester availability. After registration for Project AHEAD® each participant will receive information on where to report for the first day procedures (see Course section of FAQ).

What are my responsibilities as a parent?

Project AHEAD® cares about the welfare of each participant. It is the responsibility of the parent to inform the coordinator and teachers of Project AHEAD®of all childhood food allergies, special needs and information that should be a consideration to your child’s welfare during Project AHEAD®.

While IU Southeast strives to maintain a safe atmosphere, it is also the responsibility of each parent to accompany their child to each class, and to pick up their child from each class. Children should be picked up promptly at the conclusion of each class. Children should not be dropped off at the curb or picked up by adolescent siblings, but a parent or the adult appointed by the parent only. If students are seen unaccompanied to a class, being dropped off or picked up by siblings, or someone other than an adult, the student will be dismissed from Project AHEAD® and refund for the registration will not be returned.

Will there be volunteers to walk my child to class?

Project AHEAD® does not provide volunteers to walk participants to class. It is the responsibility of parent or the parent’s adult designee to walk participants to class.

If I have an emergency and I am late picking up my child? What will happen?

If you are late picking up your child, you should immediately contact the Project AHEAD® office of Jessie Moore, Coordinator for Project AHEAD® at (270) 945-1758 or the IU Southeast Campus Police Department at (812) 941-2400. At that time it will be determined if your child will wait for pick up in the Campus Security Office. If a parent is late more than one time in a non-emergency or emergency situation, the student will be dismissed from the program without a refund for registration.

Weather Policy

It is occasionally necessary to cancel, postpone, or delay a course meeting date due to, any type of inclement weather, etc. In the event of bad weather please check the IU Southeast's website to ensure that the University is open. Project AHEAD® will follow the IU Southeast weather policy for opening, closing and delays. In the event of delay, each class will follow an abbreviated schedule that will be listed on the Project AHEAD® website. Decision will be made between 6 - 7 a.m. by the IU Southeast Chancellor and leadership, and made available on the IU Southeast website, and other media outlets.

My child is a really smart first grader. The teacher said my child should be in the program.

Project AHEAD® participants are from 2nd through 9th grade only. We do not accept 1st graders. If we verify that a child has registered, and is in the 1st grade, the child will be dismissed from the program. Project AHEAD® also reserves the right to have the parent, child, and family banned from the Project AHEAD® program, and the refund will not be returned.

Parking and Accessibility

Where do I park?

During Project AHEAD® sessions the parking is free! Parents will be notified of the specific location for parking in the registration verification letter.

For other times when visiting the IU Southeast campus, parking permit dispensers are located at each campus entrance. You may purchase a daily parking permit; place it on your dashboard. This allows you to park in any blue or red space for up to 24 hours. Please do not park in handicapped spots without the additionally required permit. Alternatively, you may park at meters; they have a three-hour time limit.

Are your classrooms handicapped accessible?

For questions about handicapped accessibility please call or email our office within two (2) weeks of your child’s attendance. If we cannot accommodate your child’s accessibility needs, then please do not plan to attend Project AHEAD®and we will refund your registration fees.