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Are you a returning student, who needs to add another class to your schedule so you can stay on track to finish college in four years?

Need to connect with your academic advisor first? You can do so by contacting the appropriate school for your intended major.

Arts & Letters arladvis@ius.edu (812) 941-2342
Business business@ius.edu (812) 941-2362
Education soeinfo@ius.edu (812) 941-2386
General Studies lbennett@ius.edu (812) 941-2327
Natural Sciences natsci@ius.edu (812) 941-2284
Nursing senurs@ius.edu (812) 941-2283
Social Sciences sesocs1@ius.edu (812) 941-2391
Advising Center for Exploratory Students aceadvis@ius.edu (812) 941-2243

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