1. Holidays: 

A) Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day will all be recognized holidays with no classes. 

B) The Fourth of July will be a holiday when it falls on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.  When the 4th falls on a Friday or Saturday, it will be a school holiday, but no classes will be missed.  When the 4th falls on a Sunday, the following Monday will be a holiday with no classes.

C) Thanksgiving break begins after the last class on the Monday preceding Thanksgiving; classes resume the Monday following Thanksgiving.

2.  Semester start dates: 

A) There should be a two-week break between the end of summer II classes and the beginning of classes for the fall semester. 

B) There should be at least a two-week break between the end of classes for the fall semester and the beginning of classes for the spring semester. 

C) The spring semester will start on a date that will cause grades to be due during the week before commencement. 

D) Summer session I classes will begin the Tuesday after commencement.  

3.  Final Exams:

A) In the fall and spring semesters, faculty teaching regular weekday classes will have at least three days to grade final exams. 

B) Faculty teaching weekend classes will have at least two days to grade final exams. 

C) Students will have one full study day between the last day of class and the beginning of the exam period. 

D) Final exams in summer sessions are to be given during the last scheduled class period, with no study day planned.

4.  In the spring semester, grades will be due the week before commencement.

5.  The spring recess will be listed as "to be announced."

The current policy for setting spring recess dates is as follows: "Spring recess shall be held in conjunction with spring recess of the public schools in the surrounding counties unless the latter falls later than the twelfth week of the semester.  Should the spring recess of the public schools fall later than the twelfth week of the semester, then the Indiana University Southeast spring recess would be held following the eighth week of classes."  The current policy of the local public schools is to hold spring recess during the last full week of March.

Circular 06-7B

Faculty Senate Approved 02/16/06