October - November 2018
Monday Oct. 1 Registration appointments have been assigned and are now viewable in  One.IU Student Center. Appointments are made for degree-seeking students enrolled during the immediate past academic year. Other students register during Open Registration.
Monday Oct. 29 Early (Priority) registration via the Web through One.IU Student Center begins for students who have registration appointments. Continues through November 1, 2018.
Monday Oct. 29 Drop/Add via the Web through One.IU Student Center begins for students who registered through Early (Priority) Registration. Dropped courses are removed from the record; no grades are recorded through May 13, 2019.
Friday Nov. 2 Open Registration Begins via the Web through One.IU Student Center. No registration appointments required. Continues through May 13, 2019.
May 2018
Thursday May 2 Last day to Waitlist classes
Monday May 6 Last day to request to Audit a course
Tuesday May 7 Classes begin
Tuesday May 7 Late Registration (fee is assessed)
Monday May 13 Last day to Register for Full Term Summer and Drop/Add on-line via One.IU Student Center through the Student Center--closes at 11:59 p.m.
Monday May 13 Last Day for 100% refund period.
Monday May 13 Enrollment Certifications - official document for verification of academic record information becomes available.
Tuesday May 14 Late Schedule Change Fee begins (a transaction fee is assessed in addition to course fees for each added course).
Tuesday May 14 Add Courses beginning the 2nd week of classes. Use Late Drop/Add Classes (eAdd) link in One.IU. Continues through May 19 for full-term, 1st 7 week and Non-Standard courses.
Tuesday May 14 Drop courses beginning the 2nd week of classes; withdrawal with automatic grade of “W” begins. Use Late Drop/Add Classes (eDrop) link in One.IU. Continues through July 1 for full-term courses.
Friday May 17 Last day to declare Pass/Fail option.
Friday May 17 Last day to change from Audit to Credit
Monday May 20 Last day for 75% refund period (ends at midnight using Late Drop/Add Classes (eDrop) link in One.IU.
Monday May 27 Memorial Day Holiday - NO CLASSES
Monday May 27 Last day for 50% refund period (ends at midnight using Late Drop/Add Classes (eDrop) link in One.IU.
June 2019
Monday June 3 Last day for 25% refund period (ends at midnight using Late Drop/Add Classes (eDrop) link in One.IU.
Monday June 3 NO REFUND after this date.
July 2019
Monday July 1 Last day to Withdraw for full-term.
Thursday July 4 Independence Day Holiday - No Classes
Monday July 29 Metroversity registration begins for Fall 2019
August 2019
Finals are scheduled during last class meeting in Summer sessions
Monday Aug. 5 Classes end for Full Term Summer
Thursday Aug. 8 Faculty deadline for submitting final grades
Friday Aug. 9 Official grades available in One.IU
Friday Aug. 9 Transcripts with grades available