Fostering Learning, Achievement, and Graduation Success

IU Southeast’s Early Student Performance Alert

In support of campus efforts to increase student retention and to facilitate their graduation, all faculty teaching undergraduate students are asked to use the FLAGS System ONLY in weeks 2, 4, and 8 of the semester.

Here’s why:

  1. Midterm grades have been eliminated because grade information proved inadequate and too late for us to assist underperforming students.
  2. FLAGS information will come early and be more specific, in order to intervene sooner and with focus.
  3. Intervention will be done by advisors with the students they advise whom you have flagged.
  4. It will not replace but affirm faculty help and guidance.
  5. Advisor help will focus on assisting students learn the academic culture and its expectations for their success.

Here’s how:

  1. Access your student performance roster via your Faculty Center (SIS) near the end of weeks 2, 4, and 8.
  2. When you see your classes, click on tab 1, Student Summary, for the desired class.
  3. Click on the student who is underperforming.
  4. First check the relevant attendance box to the left.
  5. Skip the “Trends” box options until a trend is evident.
  6. Check all of the FLAGS boxes that apply to the student.
  7. Finally, select the “Recommended Action” you suggest for addressing the underperformance.
  8. Check “Meet with Instructor” whenever applicable so that this information will become part of the student retention record.
  9. Check all actions recommended.
    Note that the lower “Meet advisor—course options” box will signal the advisor to discuss other options than taking this course, including withdrawal.

What happens after week 2?

  • New names may become relevant
  • New boxes for former names may become relevant

What do you tell students about FLAGS?

A formal statement should be inserted into the course syllabus.  Additionally, the following statement should be placed into an Oncourse/Canvas announcement set to remain through week 8.  Also, please tell students about FLAGS during your first week of face-to-face class.

"This semester I will be using IU’s FLAGS System to provide real-time feedback on your performance in this course. Periodically throughout the semester I will be entering data on factors such as your class attendance, participation, and success with coursework, among other things. This information will provide feedback on how you are faring in the course and offer you suggestions on how you might be able to improve your performance.  You will be able to access this information in the student center: > Student Center (SIS) > Start > My Academics and Grades > My Grades."

What else should you know about FLAGS?

It is not a “grading” system but an “information” system to alert advisors to signs that suggest a student may be going off track, based on your observation, in order to render timely assistance.

What if you have questions?

Your school advisor(s) will be able to answer many questions.

What if you need hands-on help?

Many of our advisors have been trained to assist you face to face, individually or in a small group setting.

Please contact your school advisor to request a brief training session if you would like one, in time to be ready for week 2.

For more information, please visit IU's FLAGS Early Alert System home page.