This summer is your chance to move ahead. Whether you’re looking to graduate in four years, knock out a difficult class or study abroad, taking summer classes can help you reach your goal. Here are some reasons why:

Graduate on time, or early

Did you know that you only need 30 credit hours each academic year to graduate in four years? Taking summer courses can help you fill those gaps and keep you on track to collect your diploma in three-and-a-half or four years instead of five or six. That can save you time and money, and get your career off to a faster start. What are you waiting for? Find your summer classes now.

Study close to home

Summer often means working for some extra cash or hanging out with friends and family. Why not fit in a class? Take a look at the online offerings to find one that works for you. Browse the summer online courses!

Explore your options

This summer try a new experience. College is about taking risks and finding out about yourself, after all. IU Southeast offers many opportunities for study abroad or an internship.

While You’re At It . . .

Fall is closer than you think. Why not get a head start and register for fall classes now? It’s easy and costs nothing – register now for fall and pay nothing until September 10!