What is a PDF Transcript Delivery?

PDF Transcript Delivery is an “electronically” delivered official Indiana University transcript sent over a secure network to the designated recipient email address.

Are PDF transcripts official?

Yes.  PDF transcripts issued by Indiana University are considered official documents and are certified by a digital signature and special security characteristics.  In addition, each page of the transcript contains the signature of the Registrar and the university seal.

How can the recipient tell that a PDF transcript is authentic?

The recipient will receive instructions on how to authenticate the official PDF transcript.  This will include steps the recipient must take to acquire an access code so that the transcript may be viewed.

Are all students eligible for PDF transcript delivery?

Almost any student is eligible for PDF transcript delivery. The only exception is for students who attended prior to 1965. Those students should request their transcript directly from IU Bloomington Campus.

Who accepts PDF transcripts?

PDF document delivery is becoming increasingly common across institutions, organizations, and agencies.  However, before requesting PDF transcript delivery, you should verify that the recipient will accept an electronic transcript.  If there is any hesitation on their part, direct them to this website for information.  Additionally, it is important that you verify the correct name and e-mail address for transmission of the transcript.

Are there any system requirements for downloading a PDF transcript?

The recipient will need Adobe Acrobat® version 6.0 or greater, or Adobe Reader® version 6.04 or greater. The current version of Adobe Reader® is available free of charge and can be downloaded. Download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. This information is mentioned in the email notification that is sent to each recipient.

Can I forward a PDF transcript to someone else?

Each transcript issued in PDF format has warnings that the document is intended for the recipient only.  In addition, the email notification to the recipient states the same.  Further delivery beyond that of the intended recipient will be questioned and Indiana University will not certify the authenticity of a transcript forwarded to someone other than the initial intended recipient.

How do I order a PDF copy of my official transcript?

To request a PDF official transcript, select the transcript request form and be sure to mark appropriate boxes.