Commonly Asked Questions

What is the goal of Waitlist System?

The goal of the waitlist system is to place full command of course scheduling in the hands of students. The key to optimal use of the waitlist system and the One.iu registration process is thoughtful planning and thorough research in preparing your term course schedule.

Which courses have waitlists?

Generally most courses are waitlist eligible. However, courses that require class or school authorization are not waitlist eligible until authorization has been entered online by the department, ideally before your authorized registration time.

What if I want to place a waitlist request for more than one class of the course?

 A student is able to place a waitlist for each class number (section) that would meet their scheduling needs.

Can I add a waitlist request after I initially register?

Yes. Waitlist requests can be added to your schedule using One.iu during any open registration period. This can be during your initial registration or as a schedule adjustment.

What if I want to schedule a course and have it dropped if I get my waitlist request?

This is known as the "drop if enrolled" feature. You may identify a course you have already scheduled to be automatically dropped if the waitlist request is satisfied. Say you want to register for ENG-W 131 class number 14383 meeting MW at 9:30 - 10:45 a.m. but it is closed. You register for ENG-W 131 class number 14841 meeting 5:45 - 8:25 p.m. on T. You then place a waitlist request for 14383 and tell the system to automatically drop 14841 if you are placed in 14383. A waitlist request cannot be used as a drop if enrolled for another waitlist request.

If you don't select a class to drop if your waitlist request is fulfilled, you  can use the 'Change Waitlist Drop' option in OneStart Registration Services to update your waitlist request without losing your waitlist position.

How can I verify the status of my waitlist request?

After a waitlist request has been added to your record, it will appear with your registered courses. The status of your waitlist request can be checked online from One.iu by going to the link that says Go to Student Center.

Can I drop my waitlist request?

Waitlist requests can be dropped using One.iu during normal registration Drop/Add dates.

When will the waitlist matching system run?

The Registrar's Office will ensure that the Waitlist process is scheduled to run daily as defined in the Waitlist Guidelines. Visit the Academic calendar to determine specific dates.

What else do I need to do to maintain a waitlist request?

Nothing. It is however your responsibility to monitor your schedule for any schedule changes that result from waitlist processing. The status of your waitlist request can be checked online from One.iu. After the last day of waitlist processing, all unsatisfied waitlist requests expire. Check the Academic Calendar to determine the last day of waitlist processing.

How long will my name remain on the waitlist?

The last day of waitlist processing is listed in the Academic Calendar. If your waitlist request has not been satisfied by this date it will automatically expire (though waitlist requests will continue to appear on your class schedule).

Are the credit hours from waitlist requests counted in determining official enrollment status for financial assistance?

No. Official enrollment status is based on the number of credit hours for which you have registered. Waitlist hours are not counted when determining enrollment status. If you need to ensure a certain level of enrollment, you should register for a schedule which will work for you and invoke the drop if enrolled option.

What about fee payment?

Fees from waitlist registration/schedule adjustments are held to the same fee payment schedule as traditional scheduling (see Bursar Fee Calendar).

Is there any way to get into the class if my waitlist isn't filled?

After the last day of waitlist processing, if you have not been placed and still want to add the class, you should follow the procedures for adding a closed section.

Additional Questions? Call the Registrar’s Office at 941-2240.