Student Guide to the Waitlist

An electronic waitlist system is part of the registration process at IU Southeast beginning with the Fall 2011 term. This process makes registration and schedule adjustment more convenient and equitable for all students.

Once a class has reached its maximum enrollment, any student who attempts to add the class has the opportunity to request a place on the waitlist. If a seat later becomes available in the class (either from another student dropping or by the department increasing the enrollment limit), the seat adjustment will take place when the waitlist process runs. The waitlist system attempts to place a student into that open seat. The students on the waitlist are evaluated in position order. The first student whose waitlist request meets the eligibility requirements will be placed into the class.

Students can check on the status of their waitlist request online from After the last day of waitlist processing all unsatisfied waitlist requests expire (though waitlist requests will continue to appear on your class schedule). Check the Academic Calendar to determine the last day of waitlist processing.

Important Things to Know about Waitlist Processing

  1. If your waitlist request has not been satisfied by the beginning of the semester check on your waitlist request daily through the end of waitlist processing.
  2. After the last day of waitlist processing all unsatisfied waitlist requests expire. The Academic Calendar displays the last day of waitlist processing.
  3. Waitlist request(s) can be added, dropped or modified.
  4. You must drop a waitlist request just as you would any registered class if you no longer want to take the course.
  5. If you have a waitlist request utilizing the drop if enrolled feature and are still on the waitlist on the first day of classes you must make a decision. Drop your waitlist request and remain in your registered class or stay on the waitlist. If you choose to remain on the waitlist check on your status daily. If your waitlist request is not filled by the end of waitlist processing you remain in your registered class for the term.
  6. During waitlist processing if you have a waitlist with a drop if enrolled course, attend your registered class. If scheduling permits also attend your waitlisted class.
  7. If you are registered in a course by waitlist and decide to drop the course the same refund schedule listed in the Academic Calendar applies.
  8. Once waitlist processing is complete if you have not been placed and still want to add the class, you should follow the procedures for adding a closed class by obtaining Class Permission.

Additional Questions? Call the Registrar's Office at (812) 941-2240.