Sanders Professional Sales Lab

Sanders Sales Center students will learn in the state-of-the-art Sanders Sales Lab, to be located in Hillside Hall adjacent to the Sander Financial Markets Lab, scheduled to open in September, 2016.  The Sanders Sales Lab will be a purpose-built facility that will facilitate student learning through role playing.  The multi-room facility will allow students to engage in multiple, simultaneous role plays, while the technology will allow instructors to evaluate students’ skills and embed their feedback within the recorded role play video, accelerating and improving the learning process.  Students will be able to access their videos, including instructor feedback, from any internet-connected device.  Importantly, sales students will be encouraged to hone and test their skills by participating in student sales role play competitions, such as the National Collegiate Sales Competition, the RBI National Sales Challenge,  the National Team Selling Competition, the Bayou Sales Challenge, and/or the BSU Regional Sales Competition.