Bachelor of Arts Online

The IU Online Bachelor of Arts in History explores geographic regions of the world in both modern and pre-modern time periods to identify historical geography, historical actors, events of significance, and social movements with emphasis on exploring historical themes that span multiple places and periods.

Students formulate historical interpretations that effectively make use of such interpretive tools as historical context, historiography, multiple perspectives, and continuity and change over time. They learn to search and retrieve relevant primary and secondary historical sources from a variety of repositories and use those sources to craft historical interpretations, narratives, and arguments. Students also use critical thinking to create clear and argumentative thesis statements and well-crafted paragraphs that follow a logical order.

Degree Information

All Bachelor’s degrees offered by IU Southeast require a minimum of 120 credit hours consisting of core and advanced courses.

All core courses are listed below. You will select from among these courses to meet degree requirements. In addition to the courses listed here, the online B.A. in History requires 18 credit hours of advanced study in history. You will select six history courses at the 300/400-level covering at least three of the following regions: United States, Western Europe, Russia/Eastern Europe, Africa, Latin America, and East Asia.

Core Courses
HIST-A 100 Issues in United States History
HIST-E 100 Introduction to African History
HIST-F 100 Issues in Latin America
HIST-G 100 Issues in Asian History
HIST-H 100 The World in the Twentieth Century
HIST-H 105 U.S. History to 1865
HIST-H 106 U.S. History from 1865
HIST-H 108 Perspectives on the World to 1800
HIST-H 109 Perspectives on the World since 1800
HIST-H113 History of Western Civilization I
HIST-H 114 History of Western Civilization II
HIST-H 207 Modern East Asian Civilization
HIST-H 216 The Wild West and American Identity
HIST-H 232 The World in the Twentieth Century
HIST-J 216 Sophomore History Seminar
HIST-J 496 Proseminar in History (Capstone)

For more information specific to you and your situation, please schedule a visit with an advisor today. Students are encouraged to work with an academic advisor to find your ideal pathway to complete your degree on time.