East Asia Concentration

East Asia makes up a large portion of the world's population and gave rise to many great civilizations and major world religions. With a long history as a crossroads for trade, East Asia is the United States' most significant trading partner, both for imports and exports. The region also plays a vital role in international politics and security, with several countries recognized as major nuclear powers, and strategic U.S. allies. East Asia is socially, politically, and economically dynamic and rising - it will only gain in importance in the coming years.

The International Studies (IS) major requires participation in an approved study abroad program or an approved international engagement activity. Please indicate your plan to meet that requirement by completing the Study Abroad Indication of Intent Form.

15 credit hours, at least 12 at the 200 level or higher.

Group A: (choose one course)

  • FINA-A 362 - Art of Japan
  • FINA-A 451 - Art of the South Pacific
  • FINA-A 456 - Samoa Art and Culture
  • REL-R 153 - Religions of Asia
  • REL-R 354 - Buddhism

Group B: (choose one course)

  • HIST-G 100 - Introduction to Asian History
  • HIST-G 200/G300 - Issues in Asian History
  • HIST-G 385 - Modern China
  • HIST-G 387 - Contemporary China
  • HIST-H 207 - Modern East Asian Civilization
  • HIST-H 208 - American-East Asian Relations
  • PHIL-P 170 - Introduction to Asian Philosophy
  • PHIL-P 374 - Early Chinese Philosophy

Group C: (choose one course)

  • POLS-Y 369 - Asian Politics

Group D: Two additional courses from Asia Groups A, B, or C.