Latin America Concentration

Our nearest neighbors, the countries of Latin America are historically, culturally, economically, and politically connected to the U.S. Economic and social development in Latin America has led to economic expansion and close trade relationships. Mexico is the US’s second largest export market, and nearly half of US manufactured goods are exported southward. We also see the influence and importance of diverse Hispanic cultures expanding far beyond the Southwestern U.S., with Mexican, Cuban, and other migrations increasing cultural and human ties between the US and Latin America. A number of Latin American countries have experienced increasing democratization and stability, which has led to their greater political prominence both regionally and internationally. Given the close proximity of the region and the presence of Latin American immigrants in our local community, this may be the regional concentration most easily connected to Kentuckiana.

The International Studies (IS) major requires participation in an approved study abroad program or an approved international engagement activity. Please indicate your plan to meet that requirement by completing the Study Abroad Indication of Intent Form.

15 credit hours, at least 12 at the 200 level or higher.

Group A: (choose one course)

  • SPAN-S 412 - Spanish America: The Cultural Context
  • SPAN-S 471 - Spanish American Literature I
  • SPAN-S 472 - Spanish American Literature II
  • FINA-A 150 - African, New World, Oceanic Art

Subject to Approval:

*SPAN-S 275 - Hispanic Culture and Conversation
*SPAN-S 291 - Hispanic Literature and Civilization
*SPAN-S 301 - The Hispanic World I
*SPAN-S 302 - The Hispanic World II
*SPAN-S 303 - The Hispanic World III
*SPAN-S 363 - Introducción a la cultura hispánica
*SPAN-S 494 - Individual Readings in Hispanic Studies

*This course typically covers material from both Spain and Latin America. Please check with the instructor to ensure that the course’s content relates your International Studies regional concentration. If that is not the case, the instructor may be able to offer alternative assignments.

Group B: (choose one course)

  • HIST-F 100 - Issues in Latin American History
  • HIST-F 216/F416 - History of Slavery in the Americas
  • HIST-F 232 - Upheaval in 20th Century Latin America
  • HIST-F 341 - Latin America: Conquest and Empire
  • HIST-F 342 - Latin America: Evolution and Revolution
  • HIST-F 350 - The Environment in Latin American History
  • HIST-F 360 - Natural Disasters in Latin American History

Subject to Approval:

*HIST-H 231 - Women, Men and Family in History

*This course typically covers material from different regions depending on the instructor. Please check with the instructor to ensure that the course’s content relates your International Studies regional concentration.

Group C: (choose one course)

  • POLS-Y 337 - Latin American Politics
  • GEOG-G 323 - Geography of Latin America

Group D: Two additional courses from Latin America Groups A, B, or C.