Public Administration Track

The public administration track allows students to gain the practical and applied skills necessary to be job-ready for work as administrators in governmental and non-profit agencies. This track requires an internship.

Political Science BA - Public Administration Degree Map - Fall 2016 and beyond

Political Science Honors

Once admitted to the program, in addition to meeting the requirements for the political science major, honors students will complete Y498 (1 credit) taken in conjunction with three advanced political science courses and Y498 (1 credit) taken in conjunction with Y490. These additional credits can be completed at any time between admission to the honors program and graduation. The honors student also must present a research paper at an undergraduate or professional conference or have the paper published in a journal. Finally, honors students must maintain the 3.3 GPA in all courses and the 3.5 GPA in political science courses.

Political Science BA - Political Science-Honors Degree Map - Fall 2019 and beyond

Traditional Track

The traditional track provides students with a comprehensive background in the study of political power through examining the US and other countries’ political systems, international relations and political theories. This is a proven preparation path for graduate and professional schools, in addition to providing flexible skills employers seek, such as analytical and communications skills.

Political Science BA - Political Science Degree Map - Fall 2016 and beyond