Public Administration Track

The public administration track allows students to gain the practical and applied skills necessary to be job-ready for work as administrators in governmental and non-profit agencies. This track requires an internship.

Required Core Courses (18 cr.)

  • Y103 Introduction to American Politics
  • Y302 Public Bureaucracy in Modern Society
  • Y306 State and Local Government or Y308 Urban Politics
  • Y387 Research Methods
  • Y482 Practicum: Internship in Public Service (must serve a minimum of a 3-hour internship in an approved public or nongovernmental [nonprofit] organization)
  • Y490 Senior Seminar in Political Science

300-400 Level Public Service Courses (6 cr.)

Student must complete at least two 300-400 level courses in the public service area. These include:

  • Y402 Politics of the Budgetary Process
  • Y403 Legal Issues in Public Bureaucracy
  • Y404 Political Issues in Public Personnel Management

(Interdisciplinary concentrations in other areas may be substituted for these 300-400-level distributional requirements upon recommendation of academic advisor.)

300-400 Level Distribution Requirements (6 cr.)

Students must complete at least two other 300-400-level courses in political science from any of the following areas: comparative politics, international relations, and theory.

Recommended Courses

It is strongly recommended that students complete MATH K300 Statistical Techniques.