Things to Consider When Selecting a Law School

When considering where to attend law school students should consider a multitude of factors.

  • The reputation and prestige of the law school.
  • The curriculum offered by the law school, any part-time or evening options, the presence of joint-degree programs.
  • Cost of tuition (in-state vs. out-of-state), fees and books.
  • The availability and cost of housing and public transport in the area.
  • The availability of need-based or merit-based financial aid.
  • The size and demographic make-up of your entering class.
  • The bar passage rate and employment placement statistics of students.
  • The availability of student activities and opportunities (i.e. summer work, externships, student publications, student organizations, etc.).
  • The student-faculty ratio, the qualifications of faculty, the accessibility of faculty.
  • Campus culture and size, campus amenities, library facilities.
  • Where you ultimately wish to practice and future career plans.