Recommended Preparation

The American Bar Association (ABA) does not recommend any particular undergraduate major or series of courses to prepare for law school. However, the ABA does recommend that students cultivate certain skills prior to entering law school. The pre-law minor was developed with this goal in mind.

Students can earn a minor in pre-law by taking three required courses and three additional elective courses from a buffet of options. This is an interdisciplinary minor designed to pair well with a wide array of majors across the university campus. The minor consists of a total of 18 credit hours.

Classes in the pre-law minor are designed to enhance critical reading, writing, oral communication and problem solving skills. In addition, students in the program engage in courses designed to provide background knowledge, to promote justice, to encourage public service, to develop organizational skills, and to facilitate teamwork and relationship building. The mastery of these skillsets is critical for students contemplating law school and a future in the legal profession. In order to aid students in acquiring these skills, the program is designed so students have the flexibility to select their own major and the ability to use a wide array of courses across the School of Social Sciences, the School of Arts and Letters, and the School of Business to complete the minor.