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Presentations at Conferences

IU Southeast Student Conference and Showcase Award Winners, April 20, 2012

Best Undergraduate Presentation

  • Jennifer Jones (Sociology) - "Gender in Animated Film: Rescues and Female Conversations", sponsored by Sara Hare
  • Kathryn Keller (Psychology) - "God and the Red Carpet: Exploring the Relationship between Celebrity Worship, Religiosity, and Reinforcement", sponsored by Robin Morgan

Best Undergraduate Poster

  • Brittany Sizemore (Psychology) - "Olfactory Enhancement of Memory", sponsored by Megan Kahn

Regional Model Arab League competition at Miami of Ohio University, February 16-18, 2012

Ten IU Southeast students, mentored by Faculty Advisor Cliff Staten, represented Egypt at the regional Model Arab League competition at Miami of Ohio University, February 16-18, 2012. The competition is sponsored by the National Council on US-Arab Relations. The students were:

  • Amanda Brown (Political Science)
  • Michele Hop (Journalism)
  • Elizabeth Jackson (International Studies)
  • Laura Duncan (International Studies)
  • Erick Marquez (International Studies)
  • Joe Van Horn (Political Science)
  • Victoria Bennett (Political Science)
  • Dejan Tomanic (Political Science)
  • Stephon Moore (Political Science)
  • Michael Zacharski (Political Science)

Outstanding Delegation Award in the Joint Defense Committee

  • Amanda Brown
  • Michele Hop

Honorable Mention Award in the Political Affairs Committee

  • Stephon Moore
  • Dejan Tomanic

Honorable Mention Award in the Social Affairs Committee

  • Elizabeth Jackson
  • Michael Zacharski

IU Southeast students competed against students from Miami of Ohio University, Bellarmine University, University of Cincinnati, John Carroll University, University of Akron, Millersville University, Shawnee State University, and Earlham College. Congratulations to the participants!

Indiana University Southeast Fall 2011 Writing Contest Winner

  • Aric Miller (History) - “Understanding the Intentions, Significance, and Details of Morgan's Raid and the Battle of Corydon.”

IU Southeast Student Conference and Showcase Presenters, April 14 and 15, 2011

  • Allison Barker (History) - "Nineteenth Century Literary Women and the Periodical", sponsored by Kelly Ryan
  • Tinisha Bowles (History) - "Changes in Masculinity during the Great War", sponsored by Brigitte LeNormand
  • Carolyn Coburn (Sociology) - "Gender in the Top 100 Animated Films", sponsored by Sara Hare
  • Kristina Kimmick (History) - "All Women Battalions of Death and Gender Progression in World War One Russia", sponsored by Brigitte LeNormand
  • Levi Groenewold (Sociology) - "Marxist Analysis of the Russian Revolution", sponsored by Maria Accardi
  • Jeff Becker (History) - "Bull Run and the Seven Days: A Comparison of Mindset", sponsored by Kelly Ryan
  • Aric Miller (History) - "Understanding Morgan’s Raid", sponsored by Kelly Ryan
  • Kathryn Eames (History) - "Francis Asbury and Early American Methodism", sponsored by Kelly Ryan
  • Stuart Dill (History) - "Family Divisions: The Divided Families of the American Civil War", sponsored by Kelly Ryan
  • Benjamin D. Traughber (Psychology) - "The Assessment of Instrumental Goal Pursuit and the Use of Self-Selected Strategies in the Seeking of Subjective Well-Being", sponsored by Bernardo Carducci
  • Joseph Dever & Lauren Boyer (Journalism and Psychology) - "Attitudes Toward Homosexual Couples Raising Children", sponsored by Todd Manson
  • Ariel Fischer (History) - "Salem Witch Trials: Social Scapegoats and Religious Liberalization", sponsored by Kelly Ryan
  • Mitzi Van Buren (History) - "From Silence to Screams: Childhood and Witchcraft Accusations", sponsored by Kelly Ryan
  • Ariel Greenwell (Psychology) - "Understanding and Treating Methamphetamine Addiction", sponsored by Leigh Viner
  • Marleny Alvarado (History) - "Victorian Entertainment in Antebellum Louisville, 1830-1865", sponsored by Kelly Ryan
  • Arya Bryan & Christine O'Connor (Psychology) - "Attachments: Self-Efficacy & Hope", sponsored by Valerie Scott
  • Kristen Cash & Jacqueline Hamilton (Psychology) - "Perceptions of the Library", sponsored by Valerie Scott
  • Leslie Drury & Stacey Nelson (Psychology) - "Research on Judicial Sentencing: Changes in Attitudes Toward Crime Punishments Based on Mental Illness", sponsored by Valerie Scott
  • Jennifer Freeman & Ashley Snyder (Psychology) - "Personality and Impulsiveness", sponsored by Meghan Kahn
  • Karen Hardt & Delbert Duke (Psychology) - "Products and Consumer Perceptions", sponsored by Valerie Scott
  • Robin Jordan & Drusilla Morgan (Psychology) - "Relationship Satisfaction", sponsored by Valerie Scott
  • Briana Kays & April Mills (Psychology) - "Parental Styles, Obedience, Academic Adjustment and Religious Affiliation", sponsored by Valerie Scott
  • Ellen Kimball & Kara Draper (Psychology) - "Binge Eating and Mood", sponsored by Meghan Kahn
  • Bradley Lyons (History) - "Drewry’s Bluff: Key to the Confederacy", sponsored by Kelly Ryan
  • Whitney Reynolds (International Studies) - "Revolution on a Wall: Che Guevara and the Murals of Cuba and Northern Ireland", sponsored by Anne Allen
  • Lauren Wheatley (History) - "Redefining Teena: Seventeen Magazine and the Struggle Against Traditional Concepts of Femininity, 1944-1950", sponsored by James Beeby
  • Tennille White (Psychology) - "Effects of the Aroma of Rosemary on Memory", sponsored by Todd Manson
  • Katherine Kavanaugh (Psychology) - "Development of a West African Screener for PTSD", sponsored by Lucinda Woodward
  • Brandon Baker (Psychology) - "The Effects of Verbal Aggression on Athletes’ Perceptions of Success and Motivation", sponsored by Meghan Kahn
  • Abi Betrand & Khara Cornelius (Psychology) - "Creativity Among Students", sponsored by Valerie Scott
  • Danielle Christian & Sara DeVore (Psychology) - "Effects of Body Dissatisfaction and Perfectionism on Academic Achievement", sponsored by Meghan Kahn
  • Heather Clary (Psychology) - "Facebook Survey", sponsored by Meghan Kahn
  • Wendy Lundy (Psychology) - "Diners’ Expectations When Dining Out", sponsored by Meghan Kahn
  • Amber Napier & Amie Anderson (Psychology) - "Elements of Perception", sponsored by Meghan Kahn
  • Gabrielle Wermuth & Whitney Dubberly (Psychology) - "Birth Order and Personality", sponsored by Meghan Kahn


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