Student Travel Funds Criteria - Learning Enrichment Account*

*Funded by Student Activity Fees
(managed by Student Life Committee)

  1. Students must be ACTIVE participants during the travel experience by either:
    • Presenting a paper (research paper, poster session, research project) at a conference.
    • Competition (engineering project, Model UN, theatrical) at an association conference.
    • Performance (defend/debate, theatrical) at a conference.
    • Displaying or exhibiting a creative/artistic work which is unique (art).
    In all cases, an academic activity, away from campus, and not part of a course requirement.
  2. Faculty/staff sponsors need to complete the application on behalf of the student(s) at least two weeks before the travel date. All requests will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis by the Student Life Committee which will make a determination on funding. Requests for groups must be made at the same time. Funding cannot be guaranteed if all participants are not included in the original request. Only one conference or event request should be proposed on each application form.
  3. The Student Life Committee reserves the right to deny funding to any student who is not in good standing with the University.
  4. Students are expected to share in the cost (i.e. meals); no trip will be funded at 100%. Individual students may be funded up to $200 per academic year pending approval; however, group reimbursements are capped at $1,000 pending approval.
  5. No meals will be funded.
  6. All other sources of funding should be explored by the student and faculty/staff sponsor, including grants through the conference and other IU Southeast funding. This information will be considered during the approval process.
  7. Carpooling is required if students are attending the same conference. Room sharing is required, if appropriate.
  8. University travel forms must be completed at least 10 working days prior to the trip. Please contact the Student Affairs Office, US 155 or (812) 941-2420 to facilitate the completion of these forms.
  9. The students must turn in original receipts no later than 5 working days from the end of the trip. If rooms are shared, the hotel receipt must indicate the number of people in a room so that the correct amount can be reimbursed per person.
  10. All payments to students will be made on a reimbursement basis. If a student fails to take an approved trip for which funding has been prepaid, the student must reimburse the University.
  11. The student(s) must provide a one-page synopsis of the experience. This synopsis must be in the form of a Word Document email attachment addressed to the Student Life Committee and sent to within 30 days of the trip. Failure to provide this synopsis, either individually or collectively, will result in no reimbursement.

Funds from the Learning Enrichment account will be allocated equally between fall and spring semesters if and when possible. If money remains at the end of the fall semester, it will be carried-over to the spring, but no more than half will be spent in the fall semester to ensure that funds are available for spring.

Student Travel Funds Application - Learning Enrichment Account*

Complete the Student Life Committee Student Funding Review Request

*Funded by Student Activity Fees
(managed by Student Life Committee)