Friday Presentation Session, 2E
TimeTitlePresenter Name(s)Discipline / UnitFaculty Sponsor
10:30 a.m.The 2020 Paradox - High Unemployment Rate and Talent ShortageIsaac McMillin, Adam Harbison & Lin Gao EconomicsRanida Harris
10:45 a.m.Identification of an Unknown Mammal Species by Examination of its Hair Sample using Electron Microscopy and DNA SequencingKaycee Ranney BiologySuparna Mukhopadhyay
11:00 a.m.The Future of Fashion: The Feasibility of Sustainable GarmentsMichele Pfeifer Sustainability & Regeneration James Hollenbeck
11:15 a.m.Batallions and Bias: Social Perceptions on Table-Top Gaming EnthusiastsRena Andrews PsychologyMeghan Kahn
11:30 a.m.Important Areas that Regeneration will Help Restore a More Sustainable EnvironmentKaycee Ranney BiologyJames Hollenbeck