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Undergraduate Poster Session

Friday Poster Session
9 - 10:45 a.m.
Poster presentations will be in Hoosier West
Table top presentations will be in hallway between UC North & UC South
# Title Presenter Name(s) Discipline/Unit Faculty Mentor
1 Your Brain Feels It Too! Brain Activity and Cortisol Levels Reflect Pain of Exclusion. Abigail Dester,
Chelsey Blair
Psychology Diane Wille
2 Ethnicity's Role in Theater Production Destiny Abell Psychology Gregory Kordsmeier
3 Bilingualism and Memory Margaret Adams Psychology Donna Dahlgren
4 Baby Steps:Leading Students Through a High Fidelity Obstetric Simulation Elizabeth Anderson,
Chandra Schroeder,
Hailey Davis,
Christian Mattix
Nursing Tonya Broughton
5 The implications of Domestication and the Coevolution of Canine ATP binding cassette subfamily G member 5 protein (ABCG5) and Humans ATP binding cassette subfamily G member 5 (ABCG5) Jessica Ayres Biology David Taylor
6 Social Involvement in Relation to Individual Emotion & Behavior Tewsdaay Babicka,
Zach Blasko
Psychology Diane Wille
7 Building a Low Cost Digital Forensics Workstation for Research and Discovery Jonathan Barrett,
David Phaire
Informatics Sridhar Ramachandran
8 Exercise, Self-Confidence, and Income Dawson Beard Psychology Valerie Scott
9 Application of Growth and Development Michala Beasley,
Adam Snyder
Nursing B. Jane Hollowell
10 KNG Comfort House CACdb Nathaniel Bowers,
Greg Mattingly,
Kris O'Bryan
Computer Science Ronald Finkbine
11 Self-Presentation on Social Media Justice Burda Psychology Valerie Scott
12 Super Mario 64 AI Justin Butler,
Ben Heil
Computer Science Suranga Hettiarachchi
13 Adrienne Hipptame in Strategic Staffing Dakota Cockerham Business Jared Law-Penrose
14 How to Prevent the Rise of Gun Violence Savannah Conrad Business Rebekah Dement-Farmer
15 Equity Sensitivity and Motivation in Academic Workplaces Nicholas Cooper Psychology Valerie Scott
16 Ogle Center Signage Katrina Dennis,
Aaron Williamson,
Victoria Klotz
Fine Arts Kok Cheow Yeoh
17 Parallel implementation of a Genetic Algorithm David Devore,
Austin Kute
Computer Science John Doyle
18 Long Short Term Memory Recurrent Neural Network Poetry Generation David Devore,
Nathan Smith
Computer Science Suranga Hettiarachchi
19 Amazon Alexa APH Trivia Game LaRome Dickerson,
Ryan Gosling,
Eric Schulze
Computer Science Ronald Finkbine
20 Identity Transition among current and former Jehovah's Witnesses Marcus Dudas Neuroscience Lucinda Woodward
21 Student Perceptions on Dual Credit Enrollment Emily Emmons,
Brittany Winstead
Psychology Donna Dahlgren
22 Name Discrimination in Today’s World Yaneli Encarnacion Nursing Rebekah Dement-Farmer
23 Remodeling the Patient Education in a Gastroenterology Practice Chelsea Fathauer Nursing Laura McIlvoy
24 Farming as We Know it: How Humans are Impacting Agriculture Shanaia Figueroa Health Information Administration Rebekah Dement-Farmer
25 Social media as it relates to civic engagement and communal orientation Cameron Forrester Psychology Valerie Scott
26 Chemical Modeling of Artic Ozone Depletion over the Arctic Ocean Lindsey Freiberger,
Meeta Cesler
Chemistry John Halfacre
27 Isolation and Characterization of Black Pigment Extracted from Novel Planococcus Species Obtained from Desert Microbiome Analysis Wesley Gatlin Chemistry Aaron Setterdahl
28 Underrepresentation of Women in Computer Science Amanda Goodridge Computer Science Rebekah Dement-Farmer
29 Social Network Sites and Emotional Intelligence JohnNesha Graves Psychology Diane Wille
30 Exploring the Use of Palladium Catalyst in the formation of Acetals and Ketals Shawn Green Chemistry Enoch Mensah
31 Hitched To Debt Jordan Hollis,
Tabitha Lehman
Psychology Diane Wille
32 Does Positive Supervisory Humor and Effective Leader-member Exchanges Increase Job Satisfaction in Today's Organizations? Wendy Hopper,
Kevin Saylor
Psychology Diane Wille
33 Generational Drug Perspective Analysis Virginia Horsley,
Emma Layne
Psychology Donna Dahlgren
34 Investigation of the Middlesboro Impact Structure, Kentucky Scott Johnson Geosciences Glenn Mason
35 Farmhand Scheduler Jacob Jones,
Kotah Chapman,
Donnie Sandlin
Computer Science Ronald Finkbine
36 The Bot Butler Jacob Jones,
Greg Mattingly,
Kristopher O'bryan
Computer Science Suranga Hettiarachchi
37 "Magic Mirror on my Wall; The Effects of Social Media on Body Dissatisfaction and Self-Esteem" Jessica Justice Psychology Diane Wille
38 Efficacy of ECT in Treating Schizophrenia Karissa Korinek Business Rebekah Dement-Farmer
39 The Relationship Between Childhood Experiences and Adult Attachment Brianna Lampton,
Tiffany Downing
Psychology Donna Dahlgren
40 Inventory Tool Brandon Laswell,
Spencer Gabhart,
Ryne Tate
Computer Science Ronald Finkbine
41 Adaptive Schemas and Emotional Awareness Brandi Lloyd Psychology Valerie Scott
42 Health Promotion on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation Hayley Love,
Shelby West,
Sharon Jecker,
Suzie Curts
Nursing Julia Mattingly
43 Does Bullying in High School Affect Later Behavior? Brieanna Magerl,
Monica Roman
Psychology Diane Wille
44 Mineralogical Investigation of Corundum Abby Carter Geosciences Glenn Mason
45 Potential Long-Term Effects of Emotional Intelligence Training Kirstin Mason Psychology Diane Wille
46 Modern Software Development: Sequential Versus Parallel Programming, On a (mini) Super Computer Greg Mattingly Computer Science John Doyle
47 Isolation of Bacteriophages from Water Samples Collected throughout Indiana Reese Miller Biology Pamela Connerly
48 Biological Characterization of Three Phages Isolated from the Ohio River Ashley Moore Neuroscience Pamela Connerly
49 Microtektites: A Possible Clue for a Cause of the Late Devonian Mass Extinction Emiliyan Nedelchev Geosciences Glenn Mason
50 Suckers for Cleanliness Amanda Neff Nursing Janice McMahan
51 O&M Trivia Google App for American Printing House for the Blind Joseph Olin,
William Pister,
Michael Roark
Computer Science Ronald Finkbine
52 Sexual Attitudes and Openness Tessa O'Loughlin,
Sydney Martin
Psychology Donna Dahlgren
53 Dots In My Contour Rachel Olson Fine Arts Debra Clem
54 Socioeconomic Status and Academic Achievement Sara Parr,
Jade Evans
Psychology Diane Wille
55 Job Satisfaction and Deviant Behavior Among Worker Populations Michael Pelayo,
Jacob Carter
Psychology Valerie Scott
56 Aquaponics in the Developing and Developed World Rebekah Raisor Geosciences Peter Galvin
57 Amish Community Health Fair Courtney Rappe,
Rachael Kavgazoff,
Abbie Franklin,
Tara Reilly
Nursing Linda Wells-Freiberger
58 Motivational Differences between College Graduates and College Dropouts Madison Reed,
Ericka Voyles
Psychology Donna Dahlgren
59 Assemblia:Origins Thomas Sager,
Ben Heil,
Tongtong Tang
Computer Science John Doyle
60 Identification of an Unknown Mineral from the Rabbit Ears Volcanic Neck, Grand County, Colorado Ezekiel Sands Geosciences Glenn Mason
61 The Lasting Effects of Parenting & Discipline Styles on Adults Amanda Scarberry,
Catie Dorgay
Psychology Diane Wille
62 The Quantification of Halides along the Ohio River Kaila Shaffer Chemistry Todd Grote
63 Snake Revamped Sam Stoner,
Hung Nguyen
Computer Science John Doyle
64 Feeding Minds: Identifying Indiana's Assets to Nourish Students and Communities Kelsey Straub,
Markos Miller,
Dana Frank,
Autumn Hockenbury,
Michael Foley,
Jamie Huntsman-Coulter
Geosciences Melanie Hughes, Jenny Fisher
65 The Isolation, Expression and Characterization of a Putative S1 Peptidase from Halobacillus BBL 2006 Belinda Petri Biology Gretchen Kirchner
66 Getting a Head Start Vivian Temple,
Alecia Barnes-Paschal,
Kyle Webb
Nursing Pamela White
67 Halide Composition of Precipitation in a Mid-Latitude Metropolis and Possible Impacts on Atmospheric Chemistry Zoe Terwilliger Chemistry John Halfacre
68 Animated Life Lessons: A Look at How Animated Films Play a Part in Socializing Gender Sarah Thompson Sociology Sara Hare
69 A Walk Through Guerin Woods Casie Toby,
Jacob Outcalt,
Kalynn Cox
Nursing Judith Myers
70 Psychiatric Simulation as an Effective Learning Tool for Undergraduate Nursing Students Holly Ward,
Stacie Cheney
Nursing Pamela White
71 The Human Brain Through Two Lenses: Sci-Fi and Superpowers or Reality and True Brain Powers Emily Williams Business James Hollenbeck
72 The Road to Happiness Kelsey Willinger,
Alayna Hazelwood
Psychology Diane Wille
73 Gender Roles: Stereotypes and Inequalities Sasha Wilson Sociology Sara Hare
74 Using an Expanded Bechdel Test to Analyze Gender Stereotypes in Animated Film Brittany Harris Psychology Sara Hare
75 Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Crystal Bennington Nursing Janice McMahan
76 Empowering Patients, Saving Lives Stephanie Bratcher Nursing Janice McMahan
77 The connection between gender roles and career choices Margaret Brown Education Rebekah Dement-Farmer
78 Determining Music Preference: You Are What You Listen To McKenna Curry Business Rebekah Dement-Farmer
79 Confluence of Bedside Report Andrew Fruits Nursing Janice McMahan
80 Empowerment Health Fair at The Center for Women and Families Tatiana Giambrone,
Jessica Becker
Nursing Linda Wells-Freiberger
81 Defect Identification and Improvement Zachary Hartlage,
Nolan Pellman,
Lane Johnson,
Nathan Manias
Business Ranida Harris
82 Home Visiting And Health Promotion In A Public Housing Community Emily Hawthorne,
Alexander Faulkner,
Rebecca Hoffer
Nursing Judith Myers
83 The Impact of School Psychology on Urban and Minority Students Danielle Hempel Criminology and Criminal Justice Terry Burger
84 The Crafted Pug Felicia Hill Fine Arts Kok Cheow Yeoh
85 Government Shutdown and U.S. Economy: An Impact We Can Control Chase Howard Political Science Rebekah Dement-Farmer
86 Iggy and the Inhalers Stephanie Hull Nursing Janice McMahan
87 Platformer Game Trevor Jackson Computer Science John Doyle
88 Discovery Through Memory Carly Jarboe Fine Arts Debra Clem.
89 Perioperative Nursing Competencies Tracy Joe Nursing Janice McMahan
90 Android Application Jeremy Johnson,
Gabriel French,
Farhad Amiri
Computer Science Ronald Finkbine
91 Using Deliberate Practice to Teach In & Out Urinary Catheterization Jenae Kotter Nursing Laura McIlvoy
92 City Evolution: A Text Based City Builder John Linder,
Daniel Perkins
Computer Science John Doyle
93 "Nurse of the Month" Recognition Program Evdochia Manolova Nursing Janice McMahan
94 Education through Simulation: Facilitating Pediatric Simulations for Junior Nursing Students Mandi McLain,
Shelby Bruce
Nursing B. Jane Hollowell
95 Fresh Start Women's Health Teaching Plan Caroline Myers,
Stephanie Horsley
Nursing Tonya Broughton
96 A Fundamental Guide for First Aid and Safety Karl Olsson,
Judy Oglesby
Nursing Linda Wells-Freiberger
97 Finding The Relationship Between Sleep Paralysis and Anxiety Using Historical Analysis Laikyn Pavey Neuroscience Lucinda Woodward
98 Does being bilingual give your brain a competitive edge? Kayla Prince,
Nadia Guzman
Psychology Donna Dahlgren
99 Use of Chlorhexidine Dressings Whitney Santos Nursing Janice McMahan
100 Hosparus Health Heart Connection Education Korey Scarborough Nursing Janice McMahan
101 Yoga and Meditative Practices in the Classroom: Effectiveness and Practicality Hannah Shaffer Business Rebekah Dement-Farmer
102 Sushi Sleepover Paige St Germain Fine Arts Kok Cheow Yeoh
103 Crochet Coral Reef Caroline Aponte,
Jose Aponte,
Ciera Ashley,
Katrina Dennis,
Samantha Earley,
Jodie Furbee,
Shelby Kaiser,
Ginnie Lee,
Jessie Martin,
Cody Presley,
Heather Rife,
Courtney Ross,
Paige Saint Germain,
Noelle Wilcox
Fine Arts Donna Stallard
104 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention: IUS Health Fair Lauren Striegel,
Aric Berger,
Maryna Skrypnyuk
Nursing Julia Mattingly
105 Learning Retention for Our Future Nurses Lauren Taylor,
Taylor Sorg
Nursing Laura McIlvoy
106 Practical Network Monitoring Using Golang Brandon Taylor Informatics Sridhar Ramachandran
107 Deliberate Practice: Achieving Mastery in Basic Intravenous Therapy Andrea Temple Nursing Laura McIlvoy
108 Teenage Pregnancy and its Effects on the Child Trinity Thomas Nursing Rebekah Dement-Farmer
109 Kentucky Refugee Ministries - Vaccination Clinic Patricia Torres,
Emily Beard,
Andrea Beatty
Nursing Linda Wells-Freiberger
110 A Labor of Love: Empowering Pregnant Inmates at Kentucky Correctional Institute for Women Desiree Williams,
Amanda Gibson
Nursing Tonya Broughton
111 Cardiac Telemetry on Medical Surgical Units Carolyn Keeney Nursing Janice McMahan