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Undergraduate Poster Session

Friday Poster Session
9:00 a.m. - 10:45 a.m.
Poster presentations will be in Hoosier West
Table top presentations will be in hallway between UC North & UC South
Number Title Presenters Discipline/Unit Faculty Mentor
1 The Paradox of Identity Rachael Bailey Fine Arts: Drawing and Painting Professor Emily Sheenan
2 Micro to Macro to Mega Organisms: Indiana Fauna and Environments Through Geologic Time Dale Brown Geosciences Dr. Glenn Mason
3 Perceived Attractiveness in Cartoon Characters Tina Albertson, Ashley Bennett Psychology Dr. Diane Wille
4 Alcohol Consumption and GPA among College Student Athletes and Non-athletes William Rose, Cheyenne McGlothin Psychology Dr. Valerie Scott
5 Cyberbullying: Social Media Fatu Aly, My'kell Shipley Psychology Dr. Meghan Kahn
6 Investigation of a Secondary Mineral from the New Albany Shale, Clark County, Indiana Karl Ballard Geosciences Dr. Glenn Mason
7 Should Students have Pets? Samantha Beck Psychology Dr. Diane Wille
8 Study Habits and Academic Performance Maria Bernabe Psychology Dr. Valerie Scott
9 Do Abusive Relationships Impact Academic Success? Melissa Blocker, Jessica Braun Psychology Dr. Diane Wille
10 Key Performance Indicator Dynamic Dashboard Bill Blunk Informatics Dr. Sridhar Ramachandran
11 Danger and Enjoyment : a Study of Flow and Risk Behavior Constance Bone Psychology Dr. Diane Wille
12 Ironstone Nodules from the Borden Group - New Albany Shale Contact Zone, Floyd County, Indiana Phillip Borrego Geosciences Dr. Glenn Mason
13 The Public Opinion on Single Mothers Della Bowens, Anna Barczynski Psychology Dr. Megan Kahn
14 Measurement of Grief Alexis Bryant, Shannon Hogle Psychology Dr. Meghan Kahn
15 Policy for Paws Emily Bryant Nursing Dr. Laura McIlvoy
16 An Examination of the Energy Drink Usage Habits of College Students Andrew Cannady Psychology Dr. Meghan Kahn
17 Together We'll Grow: A Diverse Teacher Workforce Emily Clayton Special Education Dr. Gwen Shultz
18 An Investigation into two Mississippian Crinoidal Mud Mounds in Russell County, Kentucky Rachel Coleman Geology Dr. Glen Mason
19 Helicopter Parents, Preparing Kids for the World or Protecting Them from it? Erin Combs Psychology Dr. Diane Wille
20 Investigation of Empathic Levels among College Majors Kelsey Combs Psychology Dr. Meghan Kahn
21 The Influence of Child Abuse on Social Interaction and Depression Jessica Davis, Dorothy Lucas Psychology Dr. Meghan Kahn
22 May the Health Be with You Elle Dean, Jessica Trimble, Rachel Willis Nursing Professor Julie Mattingly DNP, RN
23 Religious Participation, Gender, and Civic Engagement Amanda Doyle Psychology Dr. Valerie Scott
24 Cationic Palladium Catalyzed Acylation of Alcohols Using Highly Hindered Anhydrides Marion Eichholtz Chemistry and Mathmatics Dr. Enoch Mensah
25 PHYLOGEN -- Nexus Data Interface for Phylogenetics Kevin Florian, Joshua Rowe, Erica Wright Computer Science Dr. Ronald Finkbine
26 Diversity in US Theater: An Examination of Race and Age Representation Aubrey Garman, Aimee Kelmel Sociology and Psychology Dr. Gregory Kordsmeier
27 Investigation of Samples from the Impact Ejecta Blanket of the Canyon Diablo Meteorite, Winslow, Arizona Anne Garnar Geosciences Dr. Glenn Mason
28 Unknown Gene Function Identification and Characterization of the Gene 3137 From the Bacterium Rhodobacter sphaeroides Wes Gatlin Biochemistry and Biology Dr. Aaron Setterdahl
29 Does Anxiety Affect Your Drinking? Caroline Green, Caroline Turcotte Psychology Dr. Diane Wille
30 A Novel Bacteriophage from North Vernon, Indiana
Chance Smith Biology Dr. Pam Connerly
31 Memory and Hand Preference Jesse Harvey, Eric Mason Psychology Dr. Robert Lipinski
32 The Effects of Technology Usage on Parents and Attitudes of Parents Bibi Ho Psychology Dr. Meghan Kahn
33 Coloring Tasks and Stress Rachel Hoskins Psychology and Fine Art Dr. Valerie Scott
34 Intravenous Simulation Angela Kravitz, David Brumit Nursing Professor Kathleen Walsh Free, MSN, RN-C, APRN-BC
35 College Success in Greek and Non-Greek Students Margaret Kuprianczyk, Erica Adams Psychology Dr. Meghan Kahn
36 Perceived Organizational Support, Organizational and Occupational Commitment in the Military Kimberly Landeen Psychology Dr. Valerie Scott
37 Pregnant in Prison: Educating, Supporting and Advocating for Pregnant Inmates Alicia Ledington, Hannah Dailey, Rebecca Amburgey Nursing Professor Tonya Broughton, MSN/Ed, APRN, FNP-BC
38 The Effect of Social Media Usage: Quality of Life and Emotions Austin Lee, Lucas Hougland Psychology and Criminal Justice Dr. Diane Wille
39 Investigating the Possible Carnivorous Nature of Seaweed Evin Magner Biology Dr. Douglas Darnowski
40 Personality and Alcohol Consumption Leah Mattingly, Jacinta Tinsley Psychology Dr. Valerie Scott
41 An Interdepartmental Collaboration: ICD-10_101 Mobile Application Development. Cassandra Mayfield Informatics Dr. Sridhar Ramachandran
42 Cummins, Inc. Clifford McCauley Business w/ concentrations on Finance and Economics Dr. Douglas Barney
43 Environmental Attitudes in Children Deidra Miniard, Emily Kupriancz Psychology Dr. Meghan Kahn
44 Pet Ownership and Well-Being Allison Orr, Amy Lewis Psychology Dr. Valerie Scott
45 Cross-Campus Connections: Stopping Social Isolation Melissa Ott, DeAnna Whittingham, Kristan Kendall Nursing Professor Pam White
46 Gender and Memory Rachel Parman Psychology Dr. Valerie Scott
47 Shyness Effects on Workplace Satisfaction and Commitment Matthew Peterson Psychology Dr. Megan Kahn
48 Gender and Decision Making Dakota Purvis Psychology Dr. Valerie Scott
49 Cationic Palladium(II) Acetylation of Alcohols and Polyols Francisco Reyes Chemistry Dr. Enoch Mensah
50 Investigation of Two Reservoir Rocks from the Masjed-i-Soleiman Region of Iran Babak Rezaei Geosciences Dr. Glenn Mason
51 Pediatric Simulation Courtney Samuels, Taylor Ryan, Kaitlin Hart Nursing Professor Jane Hollowell, MSN,APRN,BC
52 Investigation of Jeptha Knob, a Suspected Meteorite Impact Site, Shelby County, Kentucky Karen Schaeffer Geology Dr. Glenn M. Mason
53 Poster Relating finding of Salivary Biomarkers following Sympathetic Nervous System Challenge Adam Schwartz Psychology Dr. Rodney Roosevelt
54 Social Exclusion: Do Intrinsic Needs Predict the Magnitude of Perceived Social Exclusion Ben Sebastian Psychology Dr. Rodney Roosevelt
55 Family Support among College Students Ashleigh Showalter, Taeler Ware Psychology Dr. Valerie Scott
56 Cohabitation Before Marriage Hillary Slotten, Erin Greenwell Psychology Dr. Diane E. Wille
57 Social Media Effects and Self-esteem Tyler Spellman Psychology Dr. Valerie Scott
58 A Glimpse Inside: Health Screenings for Amish Children Elizabeth Stanley, Courtney Axson, Karlie Henderson Nursing Professor Linda Wells-Freiberger, MSN, ARNP, RN
59 Vibrational Signals Associated with Mating Behavior in the Leafhopper Graphocephala Versuta Adelene Sublett, Kaitlin O'Bryan Biology Dr. Randy Hunt
60 Head Start on Health Alicia Thomas, Kayla Barnett Nursing Professor Jodi Henderson, MSN/Ed., RN-BC, FCN
61 Stress Levels of College Student-Athletes vs. Non-Athletes Jordan Thompson Psychology Dr. Megan Kahn
62 Motivation and Job Satisfaction Nicholas Walton Psychology Dr. Meghan Kahn
63 BCA Internship Nick Walton Psychology Dr. Meghan Kahn
64 The Relationship between Birth Order and Mood Stephanie Wcisel Psychology Dr. Valerie Scott
65 The Innovation of Disney Animation Will Weathers Theatre Professor Rebekah Dement Farmer
66 Should You Work While Attending College? Jessica Wheat, Kevin Cox Psychology Dr. Diane Wille
67 Participant Satisfaction and Willingness to Participate in Future Psychological Research through the Indiana University Southeast Subject Pool Canvas Site Kayla Wheatley, Emily Nixon Psychology Dr. Meghan Kahn
68 Extroversion vs. Introversion: Who Wins the Challenge of Learning Languages? Lakota Wolfe Psychology Dr. Diane Wille
69 Priming and Programming the Intravenous Pump Jenna Crick Nursing Professor Kathleen Free, MSN, RN-C, APRN-BC
70 10K Report Urban Outfitters Tyler Gupton Finance Dr. Douglas Barney
71 Memory Cafe for Elders with Alzheimers R. Renae Harrison, Doris Baker Nursing Professor Janice McMahan RN, MSN, CCRN
72 Identification of Rhodobacter sphaeroides 1547 Gene: A probable Bacterioferritin-associated Ferredoxin Philip Singleton Biochemistry Dr. Aaron Setterdahl
73 Benefits of Staffing an Admission Nurse for Medical/Surgical Hospital Units Alisha Recktenwald Nursing Professor Janice Mcmahan
74 Transition to Independence Morgan Vannis, Sara Schum Nursing Professor Pam White, MSN, CNS
75 Negative Attitudes in Parasocial Relationships with Celebrities Izzy Nolan Psychology and Sociology Dr. Diane Wille
76 Nursing Medical Charting Application Matthew Ballard, Nolan Pruett, Stephanie Craig Computer Science Dr. Ronald Finkbine
77 Break the Silence, Stop the Violence: Spreading Awareness to a Rural Community Megan Black, Tori Swank, Holly Marlman Nursing Professor Linda Wells-Freiberger, MSN, ARNP, RN
78 ASCII Invaders Nathaniel Bowers, Kris O'Bryan, Jeremy Stephens Computer Science Dr. John Doyle
79 Competency Based Orientation on a Pediatric Unit Anna Broster Nursing Professor Janice McMahan MSN RN CCRN
80 Change-of-shift and Hand-off Reporting in Healthcare Facilities Bridget Byers, Angel Malone Nursing Professor Janice McMahan, RN, MSN, CCRN
81 Pushing Education to the Limit
Cara Camm, Jamice Williams, Jessica Holbrook, Katelyn Rodgers Nursing Professor Tonya Broughton, MSN/Ed, APRN, FNP-C
82 Isolation and Characterization of Antibacterial Secondary Metabolites Produced by Salt Spring Isolates Jance Carter Biology Dr. David Treves
83 Bowel and Bladder Policy at Healthsouth Tanja Carter Nursing Professor Janice McMahan, RN, MSN, CCRN
84 Messages of the Ministry Jacelyn Chaisson, Chelsea Dresner Nursing Professor Pam White
85 Stick Escape Kotah Chapman, Paul Kelley Computer Science - Information Systems Dr. John Doyle
86 Grey and Play Emily Downs, Albert Rhodes, Shawn Pixley Computer Science Dr. John Doyle
87 ScheduleIt Document Manager Joseph Dukes, Michael Ashby, Michael Weathers Computer Science Dr. John Doyle
88 Steps to Safety Danielle Edds, Alexis Stephens Nursing Professor Janice McMahan, RN, MSN, CCRN
89 Familiarity Breeds Understanding: A Proposal to Teach the Fundamentals of Major Religions in Schools Kathryn Faulkner International Studies and German Professor Angela Burton
90 Preparation for Operating Room Nurses Ashley Finerty Nursing Professor Janice McMahan
91 Teaching by Example-Intravenous Piggyback Medications Holli Hollkamp Nursing Professor Kathleen Free MSN RN-C APRN-BC
92 If You Didn't Document It, You Didn't Do It Bethany Hoskins, Anna Neal Nursing Professor Janice McMahan
93 3D Pipes Ben Jensen, Dallas Flora Informatics Dr. Christopher Kimmer
94 Kellogg 10-K Report Billy Kirchgessner, Cody Bachman Business Finance Dr. Douglas Barney
95 Zoe's Kitchen 10-K Report Khushboo Lad, Tyler Grimm Finance and Marketing Dr. Douglas Barney
96 Kohl's 10-K Report Megan Mackley, Laura Dillman Finance Dr. Douglas Barney
97 Blood Culture Contamination Kaitlyn Mahoney Nursing Professor Janice McMahan, RN, MSN, CCRN
98 TutorMe App Joshua Martin Computer Science Dr. Ronald Finkbine
99 Meducation Simulation Logan Mattingly, Danielle Woods Nursing Dr. Laura Mcilvoy, RN CCRN CNRN
100 Monthly Monitoring can Save Kidneys, Limbs, Lives! Tamala Mayfield, Scottie O'Daniel Nursing Professor Janice McMahan
101 It's ALIVE Kara McGee, Jacob Holland Nursing Dr. Laura Mcilvoy RN CCRN CNRN
102 Barnes & Noble Analysis Holly McIntosh Finance Dr. Douglas Barney
103 Saving Lives Kalisa McWhorter, Rosalitha Kennedy Nursing Professor Janice McMahan MSN RN CCRN
104 The Missing Link: Nurse Handoff Nancy Melton Nursing Professor Janice McMahan MSN, RN, CCRN
105 Sliding Puzzle Project David Phaire, Aden Gleitz, Cassie Mayfield Informatics Dr. Christopher Kimmer
106 Financial Health of Dick's Sporting Goods Eric Philhower, Charles Lilly Finance Dr. Douglas Barney
107 Sugar Coated Results Taylor Proffitt Nursing Professor Kathleen Walsh-Free MSN, RN-C, APRN-BC
108 Seniors Serving Seniors Chelsea Rappe, Megan Quade, Jenah Sherrill Nursing Professor Shelley Leezer, MSN, RN
109 Tube Feeding Tactics Kristina Roach Nursing Professor Kathleen Free, MSN, RN-C, ARNP-BC
110 Employee Engagement Jessica Roehrig Nursing Professor Janice McMahan
111 HIV Awareness in Southern Indiana Damon Russell Nursing Professor Linda Wells-Freiberger, MSN, APRN-BC
112 Back to Basics Rebecca Seger Nursing Professor Janice McMahan MSN, RN, CCRN
113 Carnival - Investor's Perspective Doug Stonecash, Alicia Lindley Finance Dr. Douglas Barney
114 Implementation of Bedside Shift Report at Clark Memorial Hospital Codi Terwiske, Natasha Rauchmill Nursing Professor Janice McMahan, RN, MSN, CCRN
115 Knowing is Half the Battle: How GI Joe Instills Racial and Gender Biases in Children Jason Voegerl Applied Sociology Dr. Veronica Medina
116 Too Soon for Tobacco Serica Wilson, Whitney Blackburn Nursing Professor Janice McMahan

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