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Undergraduate Poster Session

Friday Poster Session
9 - 10:45 a.m.
Poster presentations will be in Hoosier West
Table top presentations will be in hallway between UC North & UC South
# Title Presenter Name(s) Discipline/Unit Faculty Mentor
1 A Strategic Approach to Server/database Design to Alleviate Storage Issues. Daniel Cunningham Informatics Sridhar Ramachandran
2 Learning Behind Bars: Providing Hope & Opportunity for Incarcerated Pregnant Females Billie Broughton Nursing Tonya Broughton
3 Exploring the Use of Cationic Copper Catalyst in the Formation of Glycosides Michaela Shelton Chemistry Enoch Mensah
4 Provenance of Black Sea sand from Bulgarian Coastline Emiliyan Nedelchev Geoscience Glenn Mason
5 Mineralogical Investigation of Canine Bladder Stones Jessica Downes Geoscience Glenn Mason
6 Farmer's Market Jeanette Abraham Studio Art Kok Cheow Yeoh
7 Isolation and Characterization of Novel Caulobacter Bacteriophages from Local Water Samples Tyler Bahan Biology Pamela Connerly
8 I'm Just a Sucker with No Self-Esteem Thanks to My Favorite Childhood Movies Kristopher Shunnara Sociology Sara Hare
9 Homicidal Sleepwalking: The Legal Defense Ariana Sandefur Criminal Justice Rebekah Dement Farmer
10 Identification and Characterization of Rsp_2415 Gene and its Relationship to Glutathionylspermidine Synthase in the Bacterium Rhodobacter sphaeroides. David Glass Chemistry Aaron Setterdahl
11 Zero-Dimension Chemical Box Modeling of the Atmosphere Andrew Goeppner Chemistry-Biochemistry John Halfacre
12 Genetic Identification of Three Distinct Phages Ashley Moore Neuroscience Pamela Connerly
13 Pediatric Simulation: Learning Through Application Jennifer Branstein Nursing Jane Hollowell
14 Composition Analysis of Coal Fly Ash from Cane Run Generating Station Meeta Cesler Geosciences Glenn Mason
15 Mineralogical Investigation of Siliceous Sinter Caitlin Helms Geoscience Glenn Mason
16 Characterizing Bacteriophages from Local Water Samples Angela Sabo Biology Pamela Connerly
17 Highly Efficient Copper Inspired Acylation of Alcohols and Polyols Lindsey Earl Chemstry Enoch Mensah
18 Stress and Eyewitness Testimony Kaylen Blesch Psychology Rebekah Dement Farmer
19 Hafnium Inspired Acylation of Alcohols and Polyols with Hindered Anhydrides Aaron Day Chemistry Enoch Mensah
20 Identification and Characterization of RSP 1457 Gene Function in Rhodobacter sphaeroides 2.4.1 Brandon Crotchett Biochemistry Aaron Setterdahl
21 TruckPup: Capstone Presentation Branden Wagner,
Clayton McGuire,
Todd Ayers,
Jason Lytle
Computer Science Ronald Finkbine
22 Does Memory Improve, Once it has been Impaired? Tamra Murphy Bachelor Science Psychology Diane Wille
23 Mineralogical Investigation of Tuffs from the Yellowstone Group Amanda Dones Geoscience Glenn Mason
24 Using Clay Separation for the Identification of Clay Minerals from Mudpots of Yellowstone National Park Christopher Grimes Geoscience Glenn Mason
25 Popular Animated Film and Representation by Gender Joshua Cassin Sociology Sara Hare
26 Male Domination: Inequality in Children’s Media La'Toya Bailey Sociology Sara Hare
27 Living in a Media Consumed Society Melissa Spanyer Sociology Sara Hare
28 Gender Inequality in Animated Films: Top 150 Animated Films from 1980-2016 Yi-ting Chung Sociology Sara Hare
29 Does Religion affect Paranormal Beliefs in Mainstream and Esoteric Religions Bridget Cotton Psychology Meghan Kahn
30 First We Dream: Dreams Function to Influence Waking Perceptions Jordan Eastridge Neuroscience Lucinda Woodward
31 Nursing Assignments Based on Patient Acuity Alexandra Wemes Nursing Janice McMahan
32 A Critical Analysis of Academic Sources through the Lens of Paulo Freire's Problem-Posing Education Emily Bowling English Jacob Babb
33 Social Media and Mental Health Uzma Syeda Psychology Meghan Kahn
34 Characteristics of You And Your Family Raven Roberson,
Alex Tinsley
Psychology Meghan Kahn
35 A Crowded Mind: The Causes and Manifestations of Dissociative Identity Disorder Sydni Kratz Psychology Rebekah Dement Farmer
36 Autism Effects on Daily Life: The World of Autism Kaelin Miller Education Yan He
37 Caution: Adults Having Fun! Alexandra Engleman,
Megan Naeglee,
Hanna Mehringer,
Alyssa Smith
Nursing Pamela White
38 Alzheimer's: The Mystery of the Mind Mangler Mikayla Koch Nursing Angela Salas
39 StageFright Exploit (Hacking an Android Phone) Brandon Laswell,
Ian Wilson
Computer Science John Doyle
40 Coffee, Tea & Behavior Cendra Stacy,
Justin Cavanaugh
Criminal Justice and Psychology Diane Wille
41 Get Well Sioux-n: Caring for the Lakota Sioux Kristan Markland,
Kaitlyn Hunt
Nursing Julia Mattingly
42 Constant Contact from Behind the Screen: Social Media and its Effect on Generation Z’s Ability to Form and Maintain Meaningful Relationships Madisyn Zipper Journalism Rebekah Dement Farmer
43 Factors Influencing Performance Anita Tak,
Ashley Miller
Psychology Robert Lipinski
44 Social Anxiety and Substance Use Stephanie Merkley,
Brooke Dixon
Psychology Robert Lipinski
45 Stereotype Threat and Its Effects on Gender Performance Octavia Stout Psychology Robert Lipinski
46 Audemes Rebecca Luttmer,
Alan Grant,
Jeremy Stephens
Computer Science Ronald Finkbine
47 Self-Esteem and Social Media Use Carlie Mullin,
Robert Baltzell
Psychology Diane Wille
48 Which is more Effective, In-class Versus Outside of Class When Examining the Efficacy of a Growth Mindset Assignment? Deanna Kaparo,
Justin Cavanaugh
Neuroscience Donna Dahlgren
49 Calling the Shots Micah Allen Nursing Kathleen Free
50 Learning to Navigate an Electronic Health Record at the Nursing Student Level Melissa Vance Nursing Laura McIlvoy
51 Individual Differences in Short-term Memory Performance Brittany Morrison,
Chris Singleton
Psychology Robert Lipinski
52 Barcode, RFID and Patient Label issues in a Healthcare Institution Justin Wells Informatics Sridhar Ramachandran
53 Sexual Behaviors and Alcohol and Drug Use in College Students Emma Bays,
Sarah Knoy
Psychology Diane Wille
54 Judgments Based on Appearance and Voice Brenda Conway,
Rachel Olson
Neuroscience Diane Wille
55 What’s Love got to do with it?: Examining Romantic Relationships and Life Satisfaction Shauntel Lofton,
Eric Mason
Psychology Diane Wille
56 Government Sponsors of Literacy Rachel Layman English Jacob Babb
57 Let’s Make Youth Health Something to Talk About: Pine Ridge Indian Reservation Pre-Prom Health Blast Britin Abbott,
Ashley Green
Nursing Julia Mattingly
58 Do Dogs and Cats Have a Positive Impact on How Individuals Cope With Stress? Angela Waugh,
Kendra Kirchgessner
Psychology Diane Wille
59 Highway to Health Shelby Lucas,
Moran Klosterman,
Tabitha Lori
Nursing Julia Mattingly
60 Psychology of Pattern Design and Findings Sydney Powell Graphic Design Kok Cheow Yeoh
61 On Display: Spotlighting Art Crime and the Perpetuation of Criminality in the Art Market Holly Gelhausen Criminology Stephanie Albertson
62 30-Day Fitness Challenge Put to the Test Hannah Burcham Business Angela Salas
63 Characterization of the Salt Spring Isolate Bacillus pumilus Jance Carter Microbiology David Treves
64 Taxonomic and Biochemical Characterization of a Novel Bacterium Wes Gatlin Biochemistry Aaron Setterdahl
65 Changing Landscapes Rachel Hoskins Fine Art Debra Clem
66 Risk Bot Development Website Joshua Donahoe,
Ryan Silver
Computer Science Ronald Finkbine
67 Project Dodgeball John Stratton,
Albert Rhodes,
Joshua Donahoe
Computer Information Systems Suranga Hettiarachchi
68 Canine Pancreatitis: The Search for a Cure Kayla Kurtz Special Education Rebekah Dement Farmer
69 Locked Down Delivery: A Management Project at Kentucky Correctional Institute for Women Alisha Fagan,
Casey Staser
Nursing Tonya Broughton
70 Patient Rounding Francesca Joiner Nursing Janice McMahan
71 Illness Prevention at Homeless Shelter Akira Tsunawaki Nursing Janice McMahan
72 Talking Word Puzzle Jeremy Abbott,
Mitchell Brooks,
Trevor Jackson
Computer Science Ronald Finkbine
73 Exploitation of Netgear Vulnerability CVE-2017-5521 Brant Parrish,
Micah Schuchardt,
Austin Kute
Informatics John Doyle
74 De-extinction of the Mammoth: Fact or Fiction? Nicholas Anderson Biology Rebekah Dement Farmer
75 Increasing Compliance of Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia Prevention Methods Jessica Velasco Nursing Janice McMahan
76 Crossing Traffic and Crossing Cultures Zachary Slayton,
Katherine Peters,
Christine Bloom,
Dana Baines
Nursing Linda Wells-Freiberger
77 Warming Trauma Patients Rachael Saultzman Nursing Janice McMahan
78 Proper Falls Risk Assessment Followed By Correct Prevention Techniques Shanell Wade Nursing Janice McMahan
79 Healthy Living in My Community Shayla Holloman Nursing Janice McMahan
80 Pumps, Lines, and Beeps: Getting to Know Your IV Pump Alex Riggs Nursing Kathleen Free
81 Care Bundle Compliance Taylor Abbott Nursing Janice McMahan
82 TwitterTrends Nathaniel Bowers Computer Science Christopher Kimmer
83 Keep Calm and Latch On: Breastfeeding in the Bluegrass Kayla Sexton Nursing Tonya Broughton
84 Recruiting for Project ACHIEVE Whitney Evans Nursing Janice McMahan
85 Is It Just Diarrhea? Chicqutar Symonette Nursing Janice McMahan
86 Mental Health Nursing and Electronic Health Records Stephanie Seelye Nursing Laura McIlvoy
87 Safety First! - Teaching Urinary Catheter Insertion Skills Through Simulation. Audrey Stillwell Nursing Henderson, Jodi
88 A Silent Epidemic: Bringing Hepatitis C Awareness and Testing to at Risk Populations in Washington County Paige Kruer,
Morgan Mahoney,
Brittany Dicus
Nursing Linda Wells-Freiberger
89 Changing the World One Lesson at a Time Kristen Moran Nursing Kathleen Free
90 Urinary Catheter Assessment Tool Kelsey Neafus Nursing Janice McMahan
91 Personality and the Qualities of Expression Brant Parrish Psychology Meghan Kahn
92 The New Diabetes: Beyond Type I and Type II Madison Miles Marketing and Professional Sales Rebekah Dement Farmer
93 Suffocating Shadows: Understanding Depression and the Questions Surrounding Its Treatment Anna Soto Political Science Rebekah Dement Farmer
94 “Nothing About Me, Without Me” Danielle Dauby Nursing Janice McMahan
95 Together We Are Better Debra Deering Nursing Janice McMahan
96 Don't Let Your Future Go Up in Smoke Angela Chestnut,
Eucharia Igwe
Nursing Janice McMahan
97 Color Preference and Personality Lacey Mitchell,
Priya Patel
Psychology Meghan Kahn
98 Health Fairs in the Fields: A Community Outreach Program with the Washington County Amish Community Katrina Albertson,
Jocelyn Schlegel
Nursing Linda Wells-Freiberger
99 Ohio River Greenway Commission Design Mackenzie Roberts,
Lori Wyne,
Savanna Ferrell,
Sarah Anderson
Ceramics Kok Cheow Yeoh
100 Standardized Patient Simulation and Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Michelle Wyatt Nursing Pamela White
101 Math Flash John Karr,
Ryan McCracken,
Samuel Gosman
Computer Science Ronald Finkbine
102 The Labor of Learning: Accessing Obstetrical Knowledge Retention during Clinical Simulation Kaitlyn Brown,
Lauren Klosterman,
Cassie Migliaccio,
Sara Allen
Nursing Tonya Broughton
103 Teen Dating Violence Trang Huynh Nursing Linda Wells-Freiberger
104 Finding Strength after a Cancer Diagnosis Erica Lynch Nursing Janice McMahan
105 Communicating with Individual with Developmental Disabilities Maribeth Rogers,
Danielle Ramser
Nursing Janice McMahan
106 Stick it to the Mannequin: Intravenous Simulation Natalie Altstadt,
Laura Hudson
Nursing Kathleen Free
107 Poverty’s Impact on Heath: Organizing the River View Towers Health Festival Denise Yeager,
Merrill Miles,
Dennis Johnson,
Diana Gamez
Nursing Rosalind Williams
108 The Patient Perception: How It Can Change Kathy Hickman Nursing Janice McMahan
109 Improving the Overall Patient and Family Experience at Norton Hospital Downtown Kinshasta Reed Nursing Janice McMahan
110 Magnified Texture - Pineapple Katrina Dennis Fine Arts Kristin Tuttle

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