Q. What is the DSST code number for IU Southeast?

A. Our code number is 8867. If you are testing at another university and want your scores sent to IU Southeast, please list the 8867 code number as the institutional score recipient.

Q. How should I study for the examinations?

A. There are several study tools available:

  • DSST Fact Sheets:
    For each test there is a Fact Sheet that outlines the topics covered by each test and includes a list of sample questions, a list or recommended references of books that would be useful for review, and the number of credits awarded for a passing score as recommended by the American Council on Education (ACE®). You can download Factsheets directly from or send a request to

  • Official DSST Test Preparation Guide:
    Thomson Prometric, partnered with Peterson's®, a Thomson Learning Company, has developed a study guide covering the eight most popular business titles listed below. The Official DSST Test Preparation Guide was created by the actual DSST test developers and includes sample examinations in the following subject areas:

    • Business Math
    • Ethics in America
    • Financial Accounting
    • Human Resource Management
    • Introduction to Business
    • Organizational Behavior
    • Personal Finance
    • Principles of Supervision

    The Official DSSTs Test Preparation Guide is available in libraries, bookstores and online.

  • Legitimate DSST Study Guides:
    Several study guides and other products have been published by companies misrepresenting the endorsement of Thomson Prometric and/or the DSST Program. Only materials that carry both the DSST logo and Thomson Prometric logo are endorsed by Thomson Prometric. If you have any questions about the validity of a study guide or other DSSTs-related product, please email us at, or call Customer Service at (877) 471-9860.

  • DSSTs Online Practice Tests:
    DSSTs online practice tests contain items that reflect a partial range of difficulty identified in the Content Online section of each Fact Sheet. There is an online DSST Practice Test in the following categories:

    • Mathematics
    • Social Science
    • Business
    • Physical Science
    • Applied Technology
    • Humanities

    Although the online DSSTs Practice Test questions do not indicate the full range of difficulty you would find in an actual DSST test, they will help you assess your knowledge level. Each online DSST Practice Test can be purchased by visiting

  • DSSTs Comprehensive Study Courses:
    Thomson Prometric and iStudySmart have partnered to offer proven study courses that prepare you for DSST exams. Courses are available in printed workbook format, via the Internet, and on CD-ROM. College-level textbooks support each course. Visit for more information.

    Study courses are available for the following examinations:

    • Business Law II
    • Civil War and Reconstruction
    • Criminal Justice
    • Drug and Alcohol Abuse
    • Environment and Humanity
    • Ethics in America
    • Fundamentals of College Algebra
    • Fundamentals of Counseling
    • Here's to Your Health
    • Human Resource Management
    • Introduction to Business
    • Introduction to Computing
    • Introduction to World Religions
    • Lifespan Developmental Psychology
    • Money and Banking
    • Organizational Behavior
    • Principles of Finance
    • Principles of Statistics
    • Principles of Supervision
    • Technical Writing

Q. In order to pass the test, must I study from one of the recommended references?

A. The recommended references are a listing of books that were being used as textbooks in college courses of the same or similar title at the time the test was developed. Appropriate textbooks for study are not limited to those listed in the fact sheet. If you wish to obtain study resources to prepare for the examination, you may reference either the current edition of the listed titles or textbooks currently used at a local college or university for the same class title. It is recommended that you reference more than one textbook on the topics outlined in the fact sheet. You should begin by checking textbook content against the content outline included on the front page of the DSST fact sheet before selecting textbooks that cover the text content from which to study. Textbooks may be found at the campus bookstore or may be obtained from a university library through inter-library loan.

Q. Is there a penalty for guessing on the tests?

A. There is no penalty for guessing on DSSTs, so you should select an answer for each question.

Q. How much time will I have to complete the test?

A. Many DSSTs can be completed within 90 minutes; however, additional time can be allowed if necessary.

Q. Is there a limit to how many tests I can take for the General Studies major?

A. No more than 15 credit hours toward the AAGS and no more than 30 credit hours toward the BGS may be awarded for successful completion of external exams such as CLEP and DSST. Additional credit hours toward either degree may be earned with successful completion of exams and training documented from military service and from accredited licensure examinations as approved by the American Council on Education (ACE).

Q. What does ACE recommendation mean?

A. The ACE recommendation is the minimum passing score recommended by the American Council on Education for any given test. It is equivalent to the average score of students in the DSST norming sample who received a grade of C for the course. Some schools require a score higher than the ACE recommendation.

Q. When will I receive my score report?

A. You will see your score as soon as you complete a DSST Internet-based test. Allow two to three weeks to receive a score report for the Principles of Public Speaking examination.

Q. If I do not achieve a passing score on the test, how long must I wait until I can take that test again?

A. If you do not receive a score on the test that will enable you to obtain credit for the course, you may take the test again after three months (90 days). Please do not attempt to take the test before three months (90 days) have passed, because you will receive a score report marked invalid, and your test fee will not be refunded.

Q. Can my test score be cancelled?

A. The test administrator is required to report any irregularities to Thomson Prometric. The consequences of bringing unauthorized materials into the testing room, or giving or receiving help, will be the forfeiture of your test fee and the invalidation of the test score. The DSST Program reserves the right to cancel scores and not issue score reports in such situations.

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