The writing placement test is an online self-assessment consisting of a brief questionnaire regarding your previous writing and reading experiences. You should enroll in the recommended course, but you will have an opportunity to discuss other options with an academic advisor at your Orientation session.

You may have already completed the online assessment, when you received your Orientation confirmation email. If you have completed the writing self-assessment, you do not need to complete it again.

Click the link below to take the online writing self-assessment.

Writing Self-Assessment

Writing Test Q & A

Q. Do I have to write an essay?

A. No. The writing test is a self-placement process. No writing is involved.

Q. What if I'm a transfer student and I completed a writing course at another school?

A. See your Transfer Credit Report or talk to an admission counselor to see if the course you completed with a grade of C or better will count as ENG-W 131. If it will, you do not have to complete the writing self-placement process.