Frequently Asked Questions

Does my GPA transfer? What about my grades?

When you transfer from an external college/university, your GPA does not transfer with you, but is used to determine admission. Classes, pass or fail, will appear on your IU Southeast student record. To ensure your classes transfer and can be used toward an IU Southeast degree they must be completed with a C or higher. Please note, degrees with competitive admission like Nursing, Education, etc. may have higher grade standards.

Do I really need all of my official transcripts?

Yes. IU Southeast requires all students provide official transcripts from all colleges and universities previously attended prior to admission. This means, if you attended three colleges, we need official transcripts from all three colleges. This is also true if you have not attended a given college in several years, your college is not regionally-accredited, your college is no longer in operation, or you didn’t pass any classes at that institution. For more details, email

Will all of my classes transfer?

Courses with a grade of C- or lower do not transfer (few exceptions exist with Statewide General Education Core—STGEC, Transfer Single Articulation Pathways—TSAPs, and the Bachelor of Applied Sciences—BAS degree). For two-year colleges like Ivy Tech and JCTC, no more than 64 credit hours can transfer into IU Southeast. For four-year colleges, no more than 90 credit hours may transfer. A combination of two-year and four-year work may be transferred, but cannot exceed the 64/90 rule as stated above. More simply put, students must complete at least 30 credit hours at IU Southeast to complete an IU degree.