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UCard FAQs

What is the UCard?

The UCard is the official university identification card for students, faculty and staff.

Why do I need a UCard?

Besides needing your UCard to identify yourself as a member of the campus community, you will need your UCard to:

  • Participate in the meal plan
  • Check out a library book
  • Attend sporting events
  • Gain access to Residence Halls, buildings, or labs
  • Utilize the flexible Debit Account
  • Make photocopies (using your printing allotment)
  • Use at off-campus merchants accepting the UCard as a form of payment

The UCard is an essential part of everyday campus life. Remember to carry it with you at all times

What is a UCard Debit Account?

A UCard debit account is very similar to a bank card, whereby purchases can be made around campus. Make a deposit to your account and swipe your UCard at various locations on campus instead of using cash or credit cards.

Are you required to get a UCard?

Yes, the UCard is required. Not only is the UCard required to identify you as a member of the campus community, it is an essential part of everyday campus life.

What will happen if I do not have a UCard?

If you do not have a UCard, besides not be able to take advantage of the convenience to use your card to make purchases throughout campus, you will not be able to check out a library book, have access to certain buildings and labs, or take advantage of the option to have family members make gift deposits to your account.

Does it cost?

For students, faculty, and staff, your first UCard is free. There is a $25 replacement fee for a lost, stolen, or damaged card.

How do I get a UCard?

Students must be registered for classes at IU Southeast and bring a valid photo id to the Bursar's office. If you have registered within the last 24 hours, please bring a print out of your class schedule.

How do I open an account or make a deposit?

Start the process by simply making a deposit to your Debit Account. View a complete list of deposit options.

Will my old university student ID card still work?

No, it is required that you get a UCard. Your old university student ID card has a different magnetic strip that will not comply with the new software.

Where can I use my UCard Debit Account?

Your UCard Debit Account can be used at:

  • Soft drink and vending machines throughout campus
  • IU Southeast site Barnes and Noble bookstore
  • University Grounds Coffee Shop (across from bookstore)
  • The IU Southeast Dining and Conference Services (the university cafeteria)
  • Laundry facilities in the Residence Halls
  • Off-campus merchants accepting the UCard as a form of payment
  • Printing Stations around campus

Plus, future services to come.

View a complete list of On-Campus and Off-Campus Locations

What do I do if my UCard is lost, stolen, or it becomes damaged?

Should your UCard become lost or stolen, contact the Bursar's office during regular office hours to immediately deactivate your card at (812) 941-2335. There is a $25 replacement fee for lost, stolen, or damaged UCards. If your card does not work, bring the card to the Bursar's Office for a replacement. There is no fee to replace malfunctioning cards.

Can I withdraw cash once I've made a deposit?

Campus Card Services does not allow cash withdrawals from your accounts.

How can I keep track of my balance?

You can call or visit the Bursar's office to obtain your balance or review your transaction history online. Almost everywhere on campus that your UCard is accepted will display your remaining balance after a transaction.

Does unused money rollover from semester to semester?

Yes. Your balance will remain on your Debit Account until a period of one year of non-use occurs. At that time, the University will attempt to contact you to determine whether you would like for your account to remain open. View the rollover policies for the Meal Plan.

How does the UCard work for faculty and staff?

For faculty and staff, the UCard can be used as a payroll deduction plan as well as a debit plan. When you sign up for the UCard payroll deduction plan, you have 3 payment plan options for Monthly's; $50, $100, or $150, and $50 or $75 plans for Bi-Weekly's.

What is the Meal Plan?

The meal plan is a dining points system for the UCard to purchase food items on campus. View detailed information about Meal Plan options.

Where can I use the Meal Plan?

The Meal Plan can only be used in the University Cafeteria and the University Grounds Coffee Shop.

Who can use the Meal Plan?

The Meal Plan can be purchased by students, faculty, and employees of IU Southeast.

Why should I purchase a Meal Plan?

The Meal Plan offers incentives and discounts up to 10%.

How do I purchase the Meal Plan?

Dining points may be purchased from the Bursar's Office (room 103 University Center South).

Is the Meal Plan the same as the Debit Account?

No, the Meal Plan and Debit Account are two separate UCard accounts. You may have both accounts on the card at the same time. The Meal Plan can only be used in the cafeteria and coffee shop, whereas the Debit account can be used in these on-campus and off-campus locations.