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Employee Payroll Deduction

*Important Information Regarding a Change in the Payroll Deduct Program:

There has been a change in the spending limit options available for Payroll Deduct.  For more info please read this NOTICE.

Convenient Buying Power For IU Southeast Faculty and Staff

As a full-time IU Southeast employee, you have the option to use your UCard to make purchases on and off campus! Besides automatically being set up for the prepaid debit plan, you also have two additional deposit options available to you.

TURN YOUR UCARD into sensible spending on campus. When you sign up for UCard Deduct, use your UCard as needed to buy lunch, shop at the bookstore, or grab a Coke® from vending. At each pay period, we'll automatically complete a payroll deduction to zero balance your UCard account.

YOU GET THE BENEFIT of immediate purchase power without the growing balance or those extra bankcard interest charges. It's simply convenient, sensible buying power minus the need to carry cash, checks or credit cards.

TIME IS IMPORTANT TO YOU. The UCard helps you save time with the convenience of having everything you need in one card. Not only can you save time, but also UCard helps you manage how you spend on campus. Spend only what you want--you set the limit. Say goodbye to loose change. Say hello to convenience!

Convenient buying power with paycheck security.

Option One: 

Sign up for the Payroll Deduct Program. At the end of each pay period, purchases made during the pay period will be submitted to Payroll and deducted from your next paycheck. To sign up for this option, simply complete the application and fax it to 812-941-2639 or mail to the Campus Card Services Office, UCS-103.

Spending Limit Options:  For the Bi-weekly payroll accounts, you can choose the $50 or $75 option, and for the Monthly payroll accounts, you can choose the $50, $100, or $150 option.

UCard Payroll Deduct Option One “Need-to-Know” Fact: Money is only taken out of your paycheck IF you use it!

For example, if you make a purchase of $1.00 with your UCard, only $1.00 will be deducted from your next paycheck. If you do not make any purchases with your UCard, your paycheck will remain untouched! Faculty and staff must be recognized in the university system as an employee and have an employee ID number before a UCard can be issued. A valid picture id (driver's license, military id, passport, etc.) must also be presented. This program is available to full time faculty and staff ONLY. Hourly employees are not eligible for the credit program, but may participate in the declining debit program.

Option Two: 

This option is simply a pre-paid spending account. Select any dollar amount to be deducted from each paycheck and deposited into your UCard account.  The pre-selected amount is taken out of EVERY paycheck regardless of use. You can enroll in BOTH UCard (Payroll) Deduct plans. It's your choice!

Affiliates to the campus (non-IU paid employees) are eligible for a UCard by providing signed verification on departmental letterhead from their respective department defining their university status. However, their plan will work as a debit plan similar to that of the student plan. Pre-paid deposits must be made on the card before it can be used.

There is a $25 replacement fee for lost or stolen UCards.

Forms For Employees

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