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A WORLD OF SCHOLARS AT YOUR REQUEST. Whether you’re looking for professional insight, a keynote speaker, guest lecturer, or a media source, the IU Southeast Speakers Bureau is where you’ll find your expert.

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Name Topic(s)
Attum, Omar Biodiversity, Desert environments
Baird, David All I want for Christmas is a Roth IRA, I want to buy a Business, More than a Room and a Meal
Bradley, Mary Accessibility, Engagement, Process of Change
Carlton, Rebecca Assertiveness , Public Speaking, Working More Effectively in Groups
Darnowski, Doug Carnivorous Plants: Absolutely Amazing
Dufrene, Uric Economic Outlook, Regional economic trends
Durham-Barnes, Joanna Bullying, Elementary teacher preparation, Poverty, Racism
Fankhauser, Robin Education Accountability, School Leadership, Students' and Parents' Rights
Forinash, Kyle Ending our Fossil Fuel Addiction: What will it take?, What do we know about climate change?
Fry, Melissa Applied Research and Education Center
Galvin, Peter Latin American Geography, Liberian war
Glover, Joe Athletics, Sports Marketing, Strategic Sports Communication
Harris, Kenneth Bad Bosses, Leadership, Motivation
Hoelger, Angelika Popular Culture in Berlin in the 19th and early 20th centuries
Hoffman, Lisa What If They Don't Speak English?
Hollenbeck, James “Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) as Potential Incubators for Influenza Outbreaks, Being a Fulbright Lecturer/Researcher in Bulgaria.” , What happen to the Great Influenza Pandemic of 2009?
IU Southeast, Office of Financial Aid Debunking the Top 5 Myths about Paying for College, How to become a Scholarship Magnet!, Smart Tips toward a Debt-Free Degree
Keefe, Thomas Human Resource Management
Lambert, Alysa Human Resource Management, Leadership and Ethics
Lewis, Trey Career Planning
Maksl, Adam Freedom of speech for high school and college students, High school and college student journalism, How journalism can build audiences, News media literacy
Medina, Veronica Children of Immigrants, The American Girls Collection, Transformation of Work in 21st Century
Myers, Judy Everyday Coping Skills, History of Birth Control: 1933-1945
Rueschhoff, Beth Vitamin B6 Metabolism
Schansberg, Eric Economics and Public Policy, especially Health Care/Insurance, Education, Taxation, Social Security, Discrimination, and Poverty
Shen, Yu China - then and now, US-China relations
Staten, Cliff Cuba: Past, Present, and Future, Nicaragua: Past, Present, and Future, Terrorism - Its History and Future
Stem, Erich Influence and Music , The Business of the Creative Artist, The Role of Creativity and Research in the Discovery Process
Taylor, David Winship Climate Change: What Southern Indiana plants tell us, Flowers and pollinators, Fossil flowering plants, Land plant biomarkers, and dating oils, The History of Plants
Turner, Leslie A Grandparent’s Guide to Paying for College, A Woman's Touch - Taking the First Step toward Your Own Education, Smart Tips for a Debt-Free Degree!
Turner, Rebecca Orientation to College
Wert, Joe Presidential Selection process , Public Opinion and the Presidency
Wille, Diane Parent-child relationships
Woodward, Lucinda Companion animals and attachment, War survivors

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Through the IU Southeast Speakers Bureau, groups have access to experts from a wide variety of disciplines including:

  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Business and Technology
  • Education
  • Healthcare and Living Well
  • IU Southeast
  • Our World
  • People to People
  • Science and Nature
  • Sports and Athletics