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Wert, Joe
Dean, School of Social Sciences

Primary Phone: 812-941-2160
Secondary Phone: None

Dean, School of Social Sciences, IU Southeast (2010-present) Associate Professor of Political Science, IU Southeast (2005-prtesent) Assistant Professor and Political Science, IU Southeast (1999-2005)

Education: Ph.D. in Political Science from U of Cincinnati.


Presidential Selection process
Category: Other
Sub Category: Other
A/V Requirements: None

Our presidential selection process can be confusing. We look at how the Electoral College system works and how it came into being.
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Public Opinion and the Presidency
Category: Other
Sub Category: Other
A/V Requirements: None

How do we measure how popular a president is? What is the importance of presidential popularity in terms of his performance? What makes a preisdent popular or unpopular?
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