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Forinash, Kyle
Professor of Physics

Primary Phone: 8129412039
Secondary Phone: 5022638703

IU Southeast Distinguished Teacher of the Year Award (1992) IU Southeast Distinguished Research and Creativity Award (2001) The world energy supply, its heavy dependence on fossil fuels and the resultant carbon dioxide emissions constitute a multifaceted problem currently facing the world. Since 1999 I have been exploring various aspects of this problem and have written a junior level textbook on environmental physics which was published in July, 2010 (Foundations of Environmental Physics). I also have a presentation and Power Point talk on Climate Change: What do we know about climate? and I maintain an Enviro Blog on environmental issues.

Education: B. S. (Physics) University of Georgia, 1975 Ph. D. (Physics) Clemson University, 1983 Fulbright fellow to Argentina, 2010


Ending our Fossil Fuel Addiction: What will it take?
Category: Energy crisis
Sub Category: Our World
A/V Requirements: Computer with Projector

What is the current state (sources and use) of global energy use? What are the projected increases in demand? What alternative energy sources are in the pipeline?
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What do we know about climate change?
Category: Global warming
Sub Category: Our World
A/V Requirements: Computer with Projector

An explanation of the factors that change climate and how humans are impacting these factors.
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