Indiana Code gives post-secondary educational institutions accredited by the North Central Association the authority to appoint police officers (IC 21-39-4). The Board of Trustees and Indiana University has used that authority to form a police department. The Indiana University Police has primary jurisdiction on any real property owned or occupied by the University or on any streets through or adjacent thereto. The Department has extended statewide jurisdiction in Indiana through a resolution from the IU Board of Trustees (IC 21-39-4-6).

Indiana University’s seven campus employ over 130 full-time sworn police officers. Along with these full-time officers, numerous part-time police officers and student cadets assist with all functions of public safety at Indiana University.

The full-time and student police officers are all fully certified as law enforcement officers by the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board. These police officers meet the same standards as all other law enforcement officers in the State of Indiana.

The Indiana University Police Department comprises over 200 full and part-time employees serving on the seven campuses within the operational responsibility of the Department. The IU Police Department is one of the larger university police organizations in the United States and is among the 12 largest law enforcement organizations in the state.

The Indiana University Police Department works closely with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies and has direct access to the national and state law enforcement computer networks (NCIC/IDACS).


The academy's mission is to train the employees of the IU Police Department. In fulfilling this mission, the academy uses IU Police Department personnel who are state certified law enforcement instructors and experts from federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. The academy also instructs other law enforcement and private security agencies.


The IU Police Department has developed a comprehensive and unique law enforcement training program which, when coupled with the University's educational programs, produces a highly qualified, experienced, and educated law enforcement professional.

The cadet officer program allows full-time Indiana University students to work in a law enforcement agency while pursuing a degree. In addition to gaining law enforcement experience, the student receives accreditation as a state certified law enforcement officer.

The Academic Program

The cadet program and the part-time officer program are normally each one year in length. The programs offer education, training and experience, as well as an opportunity to work within the criminal justice system. Students are normally enrolled in an academic concentration related to criminal justice although almost any major field of study is acceptable. These academic pursuits are supplemented by academy training and work experience. In addition, some academic departments award credit for participation in the program.

Academic Integration & Timeline

The training and experience aspects of the program are integrated into the University academic program as follows:

  • Apply for acceptance to the program
    • During sophomore year
    • Interview and background investigation
    • Fingerprinted
    • Must have GPA above 2.3 & preferably 2.5
    • Excellent physical condition required
  • Accepted to program
    • Two weeks training before fall semester
    • Obtain certification in IDACS and CPR
    • 1st year as Cadet (no law enforcement authority)
    • Complete academic year in good standing
    • Begin 14 week Police Academy during summer
  • Police Academy
    • 14 weeks (600 hours) at IU Bloomington during the summer (May-August)
    • Upon graduation of Academy, certified a Police Officer in Indiana with full law enforcement authority
  • Post Academy requirements
    • Work part-time as a police officer for IU Southeast at least 12-20 hours per week
    • Work for IUPD as a Police Officer in a part time capacity until graduation from Indiana University.


An applicant must meet or exceed the following minimum entry-level standards:

  • be a citizen of the U.S. to become a cadet officer (cadets are not required to meet this requirement)
  • a full-time student in good academic standing
  • have no major sensory impediments
  • possess a valid automobile operator's license
  • pass a physical and psychological test battery
  • no felony or serious misdemeanor convictions
  • pass an intensive background investigation

Program Overview

Recruiting takes place each year starting in September. Those students who will be juniors on participating campuses of Indiana University the following August will be considered. Selection will be based on overall qualifications. Students are required to maintain their academic status in good standing throughout the program.

As a cadet

Applicants selected in April of each year will attend the cadet school at Bloomington in August just prior to the start of the fall semester. Upon successful completion, each cadet will return to his or her own campus for one year to perform those duties that do not require police authority. Hourly wages are paid for formal training schools and for cadet duties during the year.

As a part-time officer

Upon successful completion of the Cadet year an invitation to the Indiana University Police Academy will be given. The Academy always begins in May with Academy Graduation in August. During that time the Cadets will receive all law enforcement training required by the State of Indiana to become commissioned as Police Officers with full police authority. Officers will then return to their campuses to continue with the program as Part Time Officers working at least 12 to 20 hours a week until obtaining their college degree.

As a graduate

Officers who successfully complete the program receive accreditation from the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board as having completed the basic law enforcement officer's course. In addition, graduates of the University receive a certificate from the IU Police Academy as well as the baccalaureate degree earned by the officer. The graduate then enters the criminal justice employment field in the enviable position of having a college degree, academy training, and actual work experience. Finally, career opportunities and contacts with other agencies may be established by the officer while working with the Police Department. Graduates of the program hold positions with agencies such as the F.B.I., U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Marshal's Office, U.S. Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, Indiana State Police, and various police agencies throughout Indiana and the United States.

Financial Aid

Financial assistance in the form of grants, scholarships, loans and work study funds is available to eligible applicants based upon requirements administered by the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid. Information concerning these various programs is available from that office.

Cadets and part-time officers may contribute significantly to defraying the expenses of a college education by their work in the Department. The wages paid by the IU Police Department for training and work are substantial and the amount earned is dependent upon the number of hours an individual is employed. Cadets and part-time officers are expected to work a minimum of twelve hours per week with twenty hours readily available to most.

Current Positions

The cadet position receives hourly wages for their part-time work with the department and during formal training schools. Stop by the office, UC 027 to receive more information.

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