When IU receives a report of a potential emergency or other dangerous situation, Public Safety and campus officials respond and assess each individual incident. An emergency notification is initiated by an event that is currently occurring on or imminently threatening the campus. Emergency notification procedures are initiated for any significant emergency or dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to the health and safety of students or employees occurring on the campus. University officials authorized to send messages via the emergency notification process will, without delay and taking into account the safety of the community, collaborate to determine the content of the message. These officials will communicate information regarding the threat to the campus community or to the appropriate segment of the community if the threat is limited to a particular building or segment of the population. IU may not immediately issue a notification for a confirmed emergency or dangerous situation if doing so, in the professional judgment of first responders and Public Safety officials, will compromise efforts to assist a victim, to contain the emergency, to respond to the emergency, or to otherwise mitigate the emergency.

IU's use of emergency response and notification procedures is not necessarily limited to crimes. An incident such as a serious gas leak, tornado, hazardous materials spill, or winter storm, for instance, could also warrant the use of this protocol.

University officials authorized to send messages via the emergency notification process include the following staff: Public Safety officials (a term that includes Police, Emergency Management and Continuity, and Environmental Health and Safety personnel) and Communications/Marketing personnel. These officials will use their discretion to determine the content of the message, specific method(s) of notification, recipients of the notification, and sending authority. Usually, such notification will be made using the IU-Notify emergency notification system. Notification may be accomplished using a variety of messaging methods that include text messages, telephone calls, email, television cable override, sirens, digital signage, website banners, and/or public address systems. If there is a need to disseminate information outside of the campus community, it is posted to the IU Protect website at, distributed to local news agencies, and posted to WebEOC (which notifies surrounding public safety jurisdictions and the Indiana Department of Homeland Security).

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