Frequently Asked Questions

Where do IU Police Officers have jurisdiction to make arrests?

IU Police Officers have jurisdiction on any real property owned or occupied by the University or on any streets through or adjacent thereto. The IU Southeast Police department also shares concurrent jurisdiction anywhere in Floyd and Clark Counties through mutual aid agreements.

How can I get a copy of a traffic accident report or incident report?

You can obtain copies of traffic accident reports or of incident reports by visiting Buy Crash

I need to be fingerprinted for a job. Will the IU police department do this?

Yes, the IU Police Department provides this service free of charge for IU Southeast students, staff, and faculty, and for a $5 fee for anyone outside the campus community. Fingerprinting is only done if there is an officer available at the time the service is requested. There is no guarantee that an officer will be immediately available.

Is alcohol allowed in the student lodges?

Alcohol is not allowed in the lodges or anywhere else on campus.

Is alcohol allowed at the games?

Alcohol is not allowed at any of the Athletic venues of Indiana University.

Where is the jail and how can I get a friend out?

All persons arrested by the IU Southeast Police Department are transported to the Floyd County Jail, 311 Hauss Square. Please contact the Floyd County Sheriff's Department for information on the release of any persons from the jail.

Where are towed vehicles taken and how do I get it back?

Please call the IU Southeast Police Department at 812-941-2400 and advise the dispatcher of your name and vehicle description. The dispatcher will be able to tell you the location of your vehicle and what will be needed to get your vehicle released.

Are firearms allowed on campus?

Firearms are not allowed on campus unless you have received written permission from the Chief of Police. Violation of this University Policy will result in application of any relevant criminal penalties as well as University sanctions up to expulsion.

Why is skateboarding not allowed on campus?

Skateboarding is not allowed on campus due to the damage frequently caused as skateboarders perform "tricks" on the permanent fixtures of the campus including but not limited to steps, planters, handrails, and retaining walls.

If I get caught skateboarding on campus, what will happen?

If you are caught skateboarding on campus in a manner consistent with the high probability of damage being incurred upon the permanent fixtures of the university, you will formally be advised of the policy and then advised of Trespass. If you are caught skateboarding in the above proscribed manner again, after having been advised of Trespass, you could be arrested for Trespass.

Can I get in trouble for just being in a room where people are doing drugs?

Although all circumstances are different, you can and often times will be arrested if you knowingly or intentionally visit a building, structure, vehicle, or other place that is used by any person to unlawfully use a controlled substance.

Who is authorized to release information concerning investigations by the IU Police Department?

The Chief of Police is responsible for releasing all information to the media concerning Departmental affairs. He can be contacted at (812) 941-2400.

How do I file a complaint against an IUPD employee?

You may file a complaint by submitting the information through our online complaint form.

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