To ensure your safety, campus beauty, and unrestricted access to all individuals around campus, bicycles must be parked in bicycles racks or other designated areas. Bicycles must not be: chained to handicap ramps, light poles, handrails, bus shelters, telephone poles, patio furniture or fences; inside administrative or classroom buildings; in stairwells or hallways of residence halls; on sidewalks; against or attached to any tree, bush or plant; against or attached to any public seating fixture; parked in spaces provided for motor vehicles. Bicycles found parked in such a manner will be impounded by the University Police.

If you are consistently having problems finding a spot, please call University Police and we will try to add more spaces in the area.

Location of Bike Racks

  • McCullough Plaza
  • Crestview Hall, east and west side of building
  • Activities Building, east side of building by main entrance
  • Life Science Building, east side of building
  • University Center North, west side by Commons entrance
  • Residential Lodge areas

Impounded Bicycles

Bicycles are impounded by cutting and removing the locking device.

When a bike may be impounded:

  • Bicycles parked in a manner that creates a safety hazard, damage property or prevent use of or access to any University facility will be subject to immediate impoundment.
  • Bicycles left undisturbed in racks for seven days or more may be treated as abandoned and impounded. Bicycles will be posted with an impound notice for 48 hours prior to removal.
  • The University is not responsible for damage to locking devices and/or vehicles that require removal. It is lawful for the University to remove locking devices in order to impound a bicycle.
  • Unclaimed bicycles which have been impounded due to abandonment or parking inappropriately will eventually be disposed of at the discretion of University Police.

Claiming an impounded bicycle:

  1. Contact University Police to verify that your bicycle has been impounded.
  2. You will be expected to provide your name, your IU Southeast student or employee ID number, description of the bicycle and the date you noticed your bicycle missing.
  3. Impounded bicycles are released by University Police Monday through Friday 8am – 5pm. When you arrive to claim your bike, you must bring picture identification and the key or combination to your lock.

Theft Prevention

The University assumes no responsibility for the care and/or protection of bicycles or their contents while operated or parked on University property. University Police do make regular tours of parking facilities. Many thefts can be prevented by following a few simple steps:

  • Always lock your bike, regardless of how long you will be away from it.
  • Only lock your bike to approved racks, not to trees or railings
  • For maximum protection, use a cable and lock as well as U-type lock. Thieves will seldom carry the tools necessary to break both types of locks.
  • If you have quick release hubs, don’t forget to lock your wheels. The same goes for quick release seat posts.

Bicycle Safety Tips

  • Watch out for sewer drains with slots that are parallel to the direction of travel. A bike’s front wheel can fall into parallel with disastrous and even fatal consequences.
  • Make sure backpacks or purse straps are secured away from any moving part of the bicycle.
  • Don’t double up! Take a passenger only if your bicycle is meant to carry one.
  • Avoid balanced loads.
  • Watch for pedestrians.
  • Avoid traveling too fast down hills or on rough/slippery roads.
  • Don’t hitch rides on trucks or cars.
  • Don’t zigzag, race or stunt ride in traffic.
  • Don’t show off. Keep hands on handlebars.
  • Be cautious when riding on wet pavement.

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