It is required that all employee (EM) and student (ST) parking permits be purchased online. To purchase a permit, please visit, select the permits menu and login with your IU network ID and passphrase. Available permit types and rate information will populate based on your university status (i.e. faculty, staff, student). It is a requirement that you provide at least one license plate number to complete your transaction, so please make sure you have it on hand.

Please note, if you need a disabled parking permit, additional documentation is required (see Parking Permits section of this page). Disabled permits are available for purchase in the University Police Department during office hours. If you need to make other accommodations to pick up your disabled permit, please contact us by email at

Motorcycle permits are sold in addition to an EM or ST car permit. Please visit the University Police Department during office hours if you'd like to purchase one.

Parking Regulations

It is your responsibility to be aware of the parking/traffic regulations of Indiana University Southeast. They are provided for your convenience and safety and to expedite the flow of traffic.