Purchase Your Permit

It is required that all employee (EM) and student (ST) parking permits be purchased online.

  • To order your permit, go to the IU Parking Portal.
  • Login using your IU CAS credentials.
  • Select your permit option.
  • Enter your personal information, including your mailing address, vehicle make, model and license plate number.
  • Purchase your permit.
  • Print out a temporary permit to use until your permanent permit arrives in the mail.
  • You should receive your new permit in the mail within 7-10 days of your order.
  • Please note we cannot mail to a campus address.

Fees may be paid by credit card, Bursar, or Payroll Deduction. Employee pre-tax benefit is only available to faculty and staff who have their permits payroll deducted.

Permits will not be sold or issued to anyone who has outstanding citations.

All sales of permits are final.

Student Parking (ST permit)

All IU Southeast students are eligible to purchase a ST parking permit. These permits give students access to all parking areas marked with red “Student Parking Permit” signs. Students must display a valid “ST” permit in their vehicle.

ST Semester Permit - $47.00

Faculty/Staff Parking (EM Permit)

Faculty/Staff parking areas are marked with EM signs and are restricted to those vehicles displaying a valid “EM” permit. All full and part-time staff and faculty are eligible to purchase a EM parking permit.

Faculty/Staff Annual Permit - based on salary band

Faculty/Staff Annual Permit Salary Band
Annual Salary Permit Price
< $35,000 $62.00
$35,000 - $59,999 $98.30
$60,000 - $99,999 $119.00
$100,000 > $139.70
Adjunct Faculty Semester $31.10
Adjunct Faculty Annual $65.20
Part-time Semester $31.10
Part-time Annual $65.20
Full-time Semester $56.90

Disabled Parking (D Permit)

Disabled parking spaces are clearly designated. Vehicles parking in these areas must display a valid IU Southeast “D” permit. In the event all Handicapped parking spaces are occupied, this permit also allows parking in either the EM or ST parking areas.

To obtain a IU Southeast D permit bring into the University Police Office (UC 027) a copy of your handicap registration with picture ID, a completed state of Indiana “Application for Disability Parking Placard or Disability Plate-State Form 42070” including signature by a certified Indiana physician or a state handicap placard with registration and picture ID.

Motorcycle Parking

Motorcycle parking permits are available at the University Police Office. Motorcycles are not allowed to use the regular hanging parking permit.

Motorcycle Semester Permit - $10.00
Annual Motorcycle Permit - $20.00

Proper Placement of Parking Permit

An IU Southeast parking permit is a hanging permit placed on the rearview mirror to be visible outside the vehicle. If for some reason your vehicle does not have a rearview mirror or you are unable to display the permit in this way you may place it in the driver side lower portion of the front windshield.

A motorcycle permit must be displayed in a visible area of the motorcycle, preferably on one of the front forks.


A defective permit should be exchanged immediately. There is no charge if the defective permit is turned in for a replacement. In the event a replacement is requested without the old permit, including lost/stolen permits, a $10.00 replacement fee will be charged to the owner. If a lost permit is found after it has been reported, return it to the University Police immediately. Use of the permit may result in fines and vehicle impoundment.

Parking permits should be removed from a vehicle before ownership is transferred, upon termination of association with the University, expiration of the permit, or receipt of a permit to take the place of a previously expired permit.

Daily permits are available at the dispensers located by each entrance to campus for persons who forget their regular permit. Available payment types are credit card, and CrimsonCard.

Permit Designations and Eligibility

Only persons with affiliation with the University may purchase permits to park on campus. Full-time staff cannot purchase a student permit; full-time students cannot purchase staff permits. Part-time status is determined by personnel rank code and Bursar status.

“EM” Faculty/Staff Permit

  • Eligibility – faculty, staff
  • Authorized parking – any “EM”, or “ST” area any time.
  • Parking at a meter with a permit is not allowed.

“ST” Student Permit

  • Eligibility – students
  • Authorized parking – any “ST” area.
  • Authorized in certain EM zones after times posted on the zone signs.  Beware, the time may be different if you pull through a space.

“D” Disabled Parking Permit

  • Eligibility – faculty, staff, student with a physical disability that is documented by state permit.
  • Authorized parking – any “EM”, “ST”, disabled space.
  • Applicants must submit either a copy of their state tag with the yellow receipt or driver’s license or vehicle registration to disability services to receive a disabled parking endorsement.
  • Visitors may park in disabled spaces if they display a state issued hang tag or plates in conjunction with a valid visitors permit.

“AI” Arts Permit

  • Eligibility – students of the Arts Institute’s noncredit programs. Students, faculty and staff of IU Southeast are not eligible for this permit.
  • Authorized parking – “ST” area of the Hickory Lot.
  • Authorized in EM zones of Hickory after 5 p.m.

“GR” Grenadier Permit

  • Eligibility – Members of the Grenadier Club, Athletics donors, and Athletics volunteers. Students, faculty and staff of IU Southeast are not eligible for this permit.
  • Authorized parking – “ST” area of the Evergreen East and West Lots.
  • Authorized in certain EM zones after times posted on the zone signs. Beware, the time may be different if you pull through a space.

“SP” Special Permit

  • Eligibility – Faculty and Staff with IU retirement, members of IU advising boards, and at the discretion of the Chancellor.
  • Authorized parking – any “EM”, or “ST” area any time.

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