Parking & Traffic Regulations

The purpose of these regulations is to expedite the efficient flow of traffic on the IU Southeast campuses and to provide parking facilities for faculty, staff, students and visitors. Revenues generated from the parking fee system is used to operate, maintain, improve and expand all IU Southeast parking facilities.


I.C. 20-12-3.5-3 defines the authority of the University to regulate traffic and parking including but not limited to:

  1. Provisions governing the registration, speed, operation, parking and times places and manner of use of motor vehicles, bicycles and other vehicles.
  2. Provisions prescribing penalties for the violation of regulations may include the imposition of reasonable charges, the removing and impounding of vehicles which are parked in violation of the regulations at the expense of the violator, and the denial of permission to operate vehicles on the property of the institution.
  3. Provisions establishing reasonable charges and fees approved by the Board of Trustees for the registration of vehicles and for the use of parking spaces or facilities owned and operated by the institution.

This law does not limit or restrict the powers of any other governmental authority with jurisdiction over public streets, roads or alleys. 

At no time will the employees of Parking Operations be subject to verbal or physical abuse, including being threatened, cursed or assaulted in any fashion. Any such abuse will be reported to the appropriate University authorities for disciplinary action.


Anyone operating a vehicle on campus is responsible for being familiar with and complying with all parking and traffic regulations.

  • The speed limit for motor vehicles on University property is 20 mph. No vehicle may be operated in any parking lot at a greater speed than is reasonable and prudent under existing conditions.
  • Pedestrians have the right-of-way at designated crosswalks. Both pedestrians and vehicles must comply with all traffic signals.
  • Any accident involving a motor vehicle on University property must be reported to the University Police immediately at (812) 941-2400.
  • Bicycles will not be chained or locked to undesignated University property (trees, benches, light poles, fences…) or areas prohibited by fire code (doorways, corridors, stairways, fire exits….) Bicycles may not be parked in a space designated for a motor vehicle.
  • The use of skateboards is prohibited on University property due to dangers to personal safety and property damage. University Police may issue University citations to violators and/or confiscate skateboards. Confiscated skateboards may be returned to owner upon proof of identification or to a parent or guardian of children under 18.


Lack of parking spaces, mechanical problems, inclement weather or other disabilities do not justify parking violations. A parking permit does not guarantee the holder a parking space, merely the opportunity to park in a specified area as defined by the privileges of the permit.

Ownership of the permit remains with the University. Permits are nontransferable and are not for resale. Permits must be returned to University Police when the user leaves the University or will not be parking on campus for a month or more to avoid accumulating additional charges.

Regulations are subject to amendment as approved by the Vice Chancellor of Administrative Affairs and/or the Chancellor's Cabinet. The regulations are in effect and enforced at all times. In all cases of conflict, signs and markings should be presumed correct and will take precedence over any conflicting parking map designation. A vehicle is deemed parked when the vehicle is stationary, whether occupied or not.

All areas and facilities in the University parking system are controlled. Permit areas are designated by the appropriate signage. Signs are posted at the entrances and within lots as to proper permits authorized to park in the area. Permits issued indicate by color the parking areas permitted to the holder. Designated areas may be revised as parking needs change. Use of certain lots may be temporarily restricted to facilitate special events, construction, maintenance or other unusual circumstances. A parking permit is valid while conducting University business on campus, not for the purpose of storing a vehicle on campus.

The Softball Field lot located across Hausfeldt Lane does not require a permit during games.

  • All vehicles parked in a permit lot must properly display a parking permit by hanging it on the rearview mirror so that the permit number and expiration date are clearly visible. Vehicles without permits must purchase a day pass. Departments planning events that will require public parking should contact the University Police at least two weeks in advance to make arrangements for visitors.
  • Parking of motor vehicles on campus is confined to areas designated for that purpose or as directed by the University Police. Parking is prohibited on lawns, in construction areas, or any other area that would mar the landscape of campus, create a hazard or interfere with use of University facilities by others.
  • Motorbikes, motorcycles and motor scooters are subject to all regulations and must be operated only on streets designated for normal automobile use. A motorcycle parking permit is required. Designated motorcycle parking should be used for parking. Motorcycles are not permitted to use automobile parking spaces.
  • The person in whose name a parking permit is issued is responsible for all violations by all vehicles displaying that permit. A citation is not excused because another person was using the vehicle or the permit. Drivers of University vehicles are responsible for violations they receive while operating the vehicle.
  • IU Southeast honors parking permits from Indiana University and Purdue University campuses in comparable parking areas. Marked University vehicles may park in Blue or Red designated areas.
  • Spaces designated for small/compact cars (No Trucks) are for vehicles with an overall length of 15 feet or less.
  • Any vehicle in violation of parking regulations or any which are apparently abandoned may be towed and stored at the owner's expense.
  • Accumulation of 6 or more parking citations in a rolling year will result in a tow warning. The tow warning gives the violator 48 hours to settle all charges or the vehicle will be towed even if the vehicle is not in violation of regulations. Accumulating 8 or more unpaid citations will result in tow without warning.
  • Habitual violators are defined by five unexcused parking violations within a calendar year. Habitual violators may lose parking privileges on IU Southeast property.
  • Any vehicle in violation of towable offenses may be towed and stored at the owner's expense by the wrecker service of the University's choice. All fines and charges will be paid at the University Police office prior to the vehicle being released. Tow fees will be paid directly to the towing company. If the truck is called to campus and the owner appears before the vehicle is towed, the owner/violator shall be responsible for a dry-run fee to the wrecker driver. The same release conditions apply to vehicles immobilized.
  • Altering any permit in any way or counterfeiting a permit is considered theft of services. Violators will be fined for the violation and may pay all back parking charges for the duration of the permit. Permit will be confiscated. Student violators will be referred to the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs for student conduct violations. Faculty and Staff violators will be referred to the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs and Administrative Affairs respectively.
If you have a valid permit and receive a citation for No Valid Permit or Improper Display of Permit, the citation will be voided once per calendar year, upon appeal.