Violations & Citations

Parking Violations

These regulations are internal administrative regulations of the University and do not replace state laws or municipal ordinances. Violations 11 and 12 are subject to tow or immobilization without warning in addition to a fine. Parking regulations are enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  1. Line Straddling-any vehicle parking across lines in designated spaces thereby taking up more than one parking space or prohibiting use of the adjacent space by another vehicle.
  2. Parking facing opposite traffic flow (where angled parking is provided or parallel parking along streets.)
  3. Improper display of permit-only current, valid permits may be displayed. Permit number, barcode and expiration date must be visible.
  4. No valid permit displayed-required in all permit lots.
  5. Parking in posted or marked areas-no parking zones, yellow curbs, fire hydrant or fire lane, has marked areas, crosswalk, blocking a drive or another vehicle, tow zone, exceeding posted time limits or otherwise prohibited by signs.
  6. Parking in an area other than the type authorized by the permit displayed-example “ST” in “EM” or “Service” area or “EM” in a “Service” area.
  7. Displaying a counterfeit or altered permit.
  8. Displaying a fraudulently obtained permit-person does not meet the qualifications of obtaining the permit or permit has been reported lost or stolen.
  9. Using an old ticket to circumvent parking regulations-having a ticket on the windshield that has been obtained in a different location, on a different day or on a different car in an attempt to not receive another one.
  10. Parking in a reserved space without proper permit displayed.
  11. Parking in a disabled space without proper permit, disabled placard or disabled license plate.
  12. Moving violation-speeding, disregarding traffic controls or violations of state motor vehicle laws.

Effective July 1, 2015, the following fines for parking violations are in effect on the IU Southeast campus:

Violation Code Violation Description Southeast
1 Improper Display of Permit $20.00
3 Parked Beyond Time Limit** $20.00
4 Parked on Landscape $25.00
5 Parked on Crosswalk/Sidewalk $25.00
6 Parked On/Over Stall Marker $20.00
7 Parked in Wrong Area/Zone $20.00
8 No Valid Permit Displayed $20.00
11 Posted No Parking $25.00
14 Parked on Yellow Curb $25.00
15 Parked in Fire Lane/15 Feet of Hydrant $30.00
16 Parked in Restricted/Reserved Space $25.00
17 Parked in Disabled Space/Aisle $50.00
18 Fraudulent Permit Displayed $100.00
19 Altered/Counterfeit Permit Displayed $100.00
23 Parked on Hash Marks $10.00
**Examples: 10, 15, 20 & 30 Minute Parking

Right to Appeal Citations

Appeals must be filed online at within 14 days of the date of the violation. Written explanations, supporting statements, photos, and diagrams should be attached.

The Appeals Committee is an independent group of students, faculty and staff. They will hear the appeal and decide if the violation should be upheld or the appeal should be granted. The board shall consist of three (3) student members chosen by the SGA, one (1) faculty member chosen by the Faculty Senate and one (1) staff member chosen by the Staff Council. It is not necessary that the members of this group be members of the SGA, Faculty Senate, or Staff Council.

The appeal officers will review appeals independently throughout the calendar year. Appeals will be routed to a minimum of 2 officers for receiving a like decision. If two opposing decisions are made, it will go to a 3rd officer for a tie breaking decision that will finalize the appeal. If clarification is needed by the appeal officers, questions may be posed through the appeal application for response from the appeals clerk. The appellant will be notified by email of the Appeals Committee’s decision. The decision of the Appeals Committee is final.

Appeal Form for Parking Violations

Parking violation appeals must be completed by going to Appeals will only be accepted within 14 days of the citation date.

After the appeal form has been submitted, it will be read by the Student Traffic Appeals Board. The board meets through an online system and votes whether to approve or deny an appeal. You will be notified by email on the results of your appeal.

Download the complete Parking & Traffic Regulations »