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The possession, use, sale, manufacturing or distribution of any controlled substance, including alcohol, on the IU campus is governed by the: campus Alcohol and Drug-Free Policy; the IU Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct, and the laws of the State of Indiana.  The Indiana Alcoholic Beverage Commission (ABC) controls state laws regarding the possession, use, sale, consumption, or furnishing of alcohol.  However, the enforcement of alcohol laws on campus is primarily the responsibility of the IUPD.  IU has been designated "drug free," and the consumption of alcohol on campus is only permitted under certain circumstances as set forth by university policy.  The illegal possession, use, sale, manufacture, or distribution of any controlled substance is enforced under both state and federal laws.  The IUPD proactively enforces these laws and university policies concerning alcohol and drugs on campus, including state underage drinking laws.  Violators may be subject to university disciplinary action, criminal prosecution, fine, and/or imprisonment.

Underage Drinking

It is unlawful to sell, furnish, or provide alcohol to a person who is under the age of 21.  The possession of alcohol by anyone under 21 years of age is illegal.  Organizations or groups violating alcohol/substance policies or laws may be subject to sanctions by the university.

University and Campus Policies

Violators of IU policies are subject to the provisions of applicable laws as well as university disciplinary actions, which may include eviction from campus housing, revocation of other privileges, or suspension or expulsion from the university.  Disciplinary action may be taken in order to protect the interests of the university and the rights and safety of others.

University and campus policies pertaining to the possession, use, and sale of alcohol and other drugs are outlined in:

Prevention Programs

IU is committed to promoting the health and safety of its campus community through a program of drug and alcohol education and the implementation of relevant policies.  Additional information on drug and alcohol abuse education prevention programs can be found within the University and campus policies identified above.  IU encourages members of the community who may be experiencing difficulty with drugs or alcohol to utilize one of the following on-campus resources:

  • Students may contact University Personal Counseling Service by calling (812) 941-2244
  • Faculty and staff may contact Faculty/Employee Assistance Program by calling 1 (888) 234-8327
  • Available off campus services include:
    • Baptist Hospital East-Chemical Dependency & Family Recovery (502) 896-7105
    • Turning Point Center (812) 283-7116
    • Our Place (812) 923-3400

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New Student Induction Day

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IU Southeast Open House

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