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Crime Prevention

The IUPD and many other IU departments use a variety of media to provide information about crime prevention, to publicize campus security procedures and practices, and to encourage community members to be responsible for their own security and for the security of others.

Campus security and fire safety procedures are discussed during new student orientation.  Representatives, or a designee, from the IUPD, the Office of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S), and the Office of Emergency Management and Continuity (EMAC) participate in forums, engage in town hall meetings, and are available by request to address student and employee questions, and to explain university security, public safety, and fire safety measures and procedures. Members of the IUPD conduct presentations about crime prevention and general security and safety awareness when requested by various community groups, including students and employees of the university. Information typically provided includes: crime prevention tips; statistics on crime at IU; fire safety information; information about campus security procedures and practices; and encouragement to all community members to be responsible for their own security and for the security of others.

Campus security awareness and crime prevention programs include:

  • Crime prevention and education displays are set up during opening week each semester in the University Center hallway for all students to ask questions or get information.
  • A self defense awareness class is also offered at least once each semester to all students, staff and faculty.  This class offers demonstrations on basic self defense and persons attending gain self confidence and become more aware of their surroundings.

To schedule a security awareness or crime prevention presentation, contact the IUPD office on campus at: or (812) 941-2400.

Daily Log

The University Police maintain a daily log of all crime reports filed with the department.  The log includes the nature, date, time reported, general location of the crime and disposition if known.  Entries are made to the log within two business days, unless the disclosure is prohibited by law or would jeopardize the confidentiality of the victim. Information may be withheld if there is clear and convincing evidence that the release of the information would jeopardize an ongoing criminal investigation or the safety of an individual, cause a suspect to flee or evade detection, or result in the destruction of evidence. Once the adverse effect is no longer likely to occur, the information must be disclosed.

The daily log for the most recent 60 days will be open to public inspection during normal business hours.  Portions of the log older than 60 days will be available for public inspection within two business days of a request. 

Campus Security and Jurisdiction

Law Enforcement Authority

The IUPD employs sworn police officers, certified by the State of Indiana, and meet state mandated training requirements. These officers have full police powers as granted by the State of Indiana (IC 21-39-4), and have access to national and state law enforcement computer networks.  IUPD officers have primary jurisdiction on any real property owned or occupied by the university, including the streets passing through and adjacent to such property.  In addition, these officers have the power to assist university officials in the enforcement of IU's rules and regulations.

Working Relationship with State and Local Enforcement Agencies

By resolution of the Indiana University Board of Trustees, university police are authorized to exercise police powers beyond the primary jurisdiction in certain circumstances.  The IUPD maintains a cooperative working relationship with municipal and county law enforcement agencies in the geographic areas in which campuses are located, as well as Indiana State Police and Federal agencies.  When investigating alleged criminal offenses, the IUPD cooperates with the appropriate law enforcement agencies and other criminal justice authorities.

These cooperative working relationships include:

  • New Albany Police Department works closely with us and will assist us in response to criminal offenses when requested.  There is not an MOU between the departments.
  • Floyd County Sheriff's Office works closely with us and will assist us in response to criminal offenses when requested.  There is not an MOU between the departments.
  • Indiana State Police works closely with us and will assist us in response to criminal offenses when requested.  There is not an MOU between the departments.

IUPD officers normally investigate all criminal offenses that occur in the IUPD's primary jurisdiction, and work with the staff of cooperating agencies when incidents arise that require joint investigative efforts, resources, crime-related reports, and exchanges of information.   The officers of IUPD and cooperating agencies communicate regulary at the scene of incidents that occur in and around the campus.  Meetings may be held between the IUPD and cooperating law enforcement agencies for purposes of sharing information, on both a formal and informal basis.  Local and state police agencies provide back-up assistance for any emergency that might require extensive police services.  Any law enforcement officer may come onto campus at any time; just as IUPD officers have powers to arrest, city and state police can arrest students and visitors on campus for violations of law within their agencies' jurisdictions.  In addition, the university has the responsibility of advising the appropriate authorities of violations of civil or criminal law committed by anyone on campus, either when a  request for specific information is made or when there is a danger to life or property.

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