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2016 Results

First Place
Jenna Bieker
The Need for Increase in Mental Health Awareness

Second Place
Sami Davis
Saving Snoopy: Finding Freedom for Laboratory Beagles

Third Place
Holly Sewell
Do You Speak English?: Why ESL and Bilingual Programs Need Our Help

Fourth Place
Kendra Stevens
The Benefits of Starting a 401K Early

Fifth Place
Micah Schuchardt
The Breakdown of Communication: Where Did We Go Wrong?

2015 Results

First Place
Joseph Olin
Eat More Organic Foods

Second Place
DeAnna Collins
What We Remember

Third Place
Kenda Eley
Investments in Agriculture

Fourth Place
Kalynn Cox
Unlocking Our Future: The Keystone Pipeline

Fifth Place
Korey Scarborough
Organ Donation: Register Today, Tomorrow May Be Too Late

2014 Results

First Place
Ben Schroering
The Plight of the Orphans

Second Place
Brianna Drake
Deciding to Eat In or Dine Out

Third Place
Bryson Mills
Cancer Research Institute: Exceptional Foundation, Worthy Donation

Fourth Place
Ashley Ricks
Cancer Awareness: Everyone Deserves to Win the Battle

Fifth Place
Maria Torres
St. Marks Soup Kitchen

2013 Results

First Place
Krystal Gilbert
Sleeping with Strangers

Second Place
McKayla Phillips
The Care Act of 2011: Losing Farm Kids, Shutting Down Family Farms, and Taking Food Off Your Plate

Third Place
Christopher Morris
Keeping the Music Alive

Fourth Place
Rose Goodwin
Prevent Internet Addiction

Fifth Place
Eric Caudill
The Easiest Fifteen Pounds You Will Ever Lose