Contest Information

Speech Criteria

The speech criteria must follow that of the final persuasive speech in public speaking class (be five to eight minutes, use Monroe's Motivated Sequence as the organizational pattern, include a visual aid, and incorporate a minimum of five sources/citations). The speech must lie within the ethical guidelines of speaking discussed in the text of the course.

Class Representative Requirements

After listening to the final speeches in public speaking, each class should select a representative by an anonymous class vote. A class representative must be an IU Southeast student in good standing with the university and have a minimum grade point average of 2.0. In addition, the class representative must be available to present at the speech contest and be enrolled in a minimum of three credit hours in the Spring semester the contest is held.

Preliminary Judging

After completion of the fall semester, a panel of judges will review the class representative videos and select the top five finalists, and the finalists will be notified in early January.

Finalists Presentations

The five finalists will present their speeches to an audience at the Voices of Change Speech Contest, and a panel of judges will determine the winner. The event is open to the campus community and general public.

Scholarship Awards

Scholarship awards are given to the top five speakers who present at the Voices of Change Speech Contest.

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