John Bauscher was a well-known member of the Wonderland Way Club. He was a first generation American, his father was German and his mother was of Irish heritage. He lived in Louisville and worked as an engraver at The Courier-Journal newspaper.

Bauscher and Paul Plaschke, another well-known member of the Wonderland Way Club, founded the Louisville Art Academy. In 1910, Bauscher won the design contest for the creation of the third official seal for the state of Kentucky. Bauscher's design featured a woman holding a banner with the word "progress" depicted in one of her hands and the other hand holding an overflowing cornucopia. A train and steamboat were at her sides and a tall building depicted in the background displayedthe words "The Nation's Thorough-fare.” The third seal was enacted on December 21, 1910, by the city council and was used until 1953.

Works of Art

Covered Bridge Over Kentucky River
Oil on Canvas

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