Ways to Get Involved with the Writing Center

All students should consider becoming involved in some aspect of The Writing Center. We have different levels of expertise and abilities in many areas that involve the varied needs in the daily operation of a center that is truly for student enrichment. Our goal is to create a place for learning opportunities, which is why there are so many ways to get involved.

Consider any of the following:

  • W397:  Writing Center Theory and Practice is a course designed specifically to prepare student consultants for working with peer clients; it is required to become a student consultant.
  • Internships:  Students have several opportunities to obtain internships with The Writing Center.
    • The Center for Career Development collaborates with The Writing Center to create internships that are for 0 to 3 credit hours. These are non-paid internships but can provide valuable insight into the world of writing and working with individual clients.  
    • Internships can also be created through The Writing Center. These are designed on an individual basis and usually involve a specific ongoing research project regarding some aspect of writing center business or an identified need.
    • First-year-Seminar internships are also available where a student may be hired to make orientation presentations for FYS courses throughout a semester. These require public speaking and interpersonal communication skills.
    • Other internships in The Writing Center are video/audio technician, research assistant, ELL/special needs student assistant, researcher for student consultant materials for training manual, in-class presenter/peer feedback guide, and several others created based on needs of The Writing Center and talents of the individual student.